Bill Rock sits in for Cousin Brucie, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | September 18, 2004

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…”Here’s Michael Jackson. Perhaps he shoulda stopped…”

Not quite 7 months before the format change, Bill Rock was heard filling in for Cousin Bruce Morrow. Rock is topical, funny and in so many ways a perfect choice to fill in for Brucie. Lots of requests, mentions of Wolfman Jack and a large variety of music, which at this point is NOT loaded with a lot of 50s and 60s.

You’ll hear the final set of WCBS-FM jingles played in a modernized Oldies format which included lots of 70s disco, as Infinity broadcasting rushed to push the older music and its aging demos into the background, as advertisers made it known that they didn’t want to buy airtime on stations catering to those over 55 years old. Folly? That’s up for discussion!



  1. Larry

    Even though the playlist had been tightened and the reverb was gone by the time that Bill Rock had his chance to sit in for Cousin Brucie, CBS-FM still had the sound of a New York radio station. Through it all even in 2004, it was still worth listening to.

    Bill Rock is a great jock and in my opinion he would have fitted in perfectly at 101.1 during the days of the oldies format. He sounds up and really good on this aircheck.

    The answer was not to change the format or treat the audience in such a horrible way as they did on June 3, 2005. Let’s hope the station is coming back with personalities and a wide playlist for all of us to enjoy.

    Thank you, Steve for posting this aircheck for all of us to enjoy and remember a station that showed the country how oldies radio should be done.

  2. Bill Rock

    Thank you for the kind words. I greatly enjoyed working at CBS-FM. Bruce and I go way back when we worked together in 1974 at WNBC. Today we work together at Sirius XM.

    The irony is that we worked opposite each other when I did Sat. nights on WYNY and he was on CBS-FM. Then Joe McCoy asked me if I’d like to fill in for Brucie.

    Later I encourage Bruce to come to Sirius XM. HE asked me to do his fill in there too. We are again opposite each other as he is on Ch 6 n Sat. nights and I ( as the first voice ever on Elvis radio on Sirius XM) am opposite him from 7pm -mid on Channel 19.

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