Dan Ingram, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | August, 1992

Dan Ingram, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | August, 1992

Dan Ingram WCBS fm 101 New York

Description by Steve West

Donated to airchexx.com in its first year on the web, here’s Big Dan Ingram like you’ve never heard him before! Ingram is so funny, you’ll be laughing for the entire 25+ minutes of this
so-so quality scope. I thought I’d heard almost every one-liner out there but this one aircheck from Big Dan tops anything I’ve heard from him, even better than anything I heard him do at WABC! There’s a joke for every song, live commercial or tidbit Dan talks about, and every one is FUNNY!

There’s a good reason why then WCBS-FM PD Joe McCoy hired Dan Ingram… and listen to this 30 minutes of pure gold to find out what it was. Not only is this a great aircheck to help us commemorate the greatest Oldies station ever, its also one of the very best airchecks we’ve posted here in a very long time.


Steven Green is a longtime Airchexx Contributor. He is a former resident of New York City and recorded many airchecks over the years. Green is a contributor to the MusicRadio77.com website and to ReelRadio.com, both sites which slightly pre-date Airchexx. We greatly appreciate Steven Green’s contributions to this site!


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  1. John Murtha

    I really have been enjoying these airchecks since last weekend, I really enjoy hearing them perhaps you could make up a CD to sell with all the airchecks from CBS FM. Great Job

  2. Steven Green

    Your welcome and thanks for the kind words.

    I guess Dan was having a good day on the day that I recorded him.

    I will never be a former New Yorker, just a New Yorker who lives in Texas.

    Steven Green

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