Dan Ingram

Dan Ingram’s First Show – 92.3 WKTU New York | January 14, 1985

…And you’re much better lookin than Chip..   Please donate to Airchexx.com. You can use this “donate” button from any platform, PC, or Mac, Android or iPhone. Consider supporting this website for all of our hard work.   Curator’s Notes: For his first time on 92 KTU, Dan Ingram appears a little… lost. He’s just not himself, the confident and outrageously funny guy everyone remembered from WABC. Times change. Ingram is just getting used to this warmup for the next radio gig, as 92.3 would change formats about six months after this aircheck, to AOR, and the call letters to the well known (now) WXRK. Oh, I don’t know. You just have to listen for yourself and make your own judgment. Ever notice that jocks who aren’t quite comfortab...

Dan Ingram, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | June 30, 2002; 1-3 PM

Please scroll below the player and read an important message Honestly now… what do I write about the world’s best disc jockey that hasn’t already been said? He’s the greatest ever. Period. Listen to this nicely scoped aircheck and you’ll hear why. Furthermore, if you want to laugh, really belly laugh, Dan Ingram‘s one-liners are REALLY funny on this particular day! The honored group of the day is people who have kooky fantasies! Don’t ask, just listen! Word of the day: Conglutenate. And of course Ingram has at least half a dozen different definitions (probably only one of which is listed in Webster’s Dictionary). Ingram is so funny this day that you can actually hear his engineer laughing in the background! This is where I stop talking and th...

Dan Ingram, MusicRadio 77 WABC New York | August 31, 1971; 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Curator’s Original Notes: Dan Ingram is up to his typical antics here on an early 70s Summer day in the Big Apple. Listen for lots of full-length commercials with their own theme songs, like Coca-Cola, Canada Dry Ginger Ale “Tastes Like Us”, in fact, this must have been the height of an era when people like Dick Van Dyke were spokespersons for many of the products we take for granted even today! How about these rarities: Ballentine Beer (voiced by Ernie Anderson, we think), Simonize Vista “shines the dulls away” On this recording, today is survey day, and Big Dan is telling the song positions, but playing the songs out of order, ahead of Cousin’ Bruce Morrow’s show. This is during the “Most Music” era at WABC, and the jingles and slogan...

Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | June, 1980

The Honored Group of the Day is folks who cry at weddings… Curator’s Notes: At this point in the evolution of MusicRadio 77 WABC, Dan Ingram had been doing mornings for about a year. He’s quite comfortable here in June, 1980, although not quite as good as his former afternoon show was. Here at this point in the year, the format is still straight up Top 40. Lots of disco music was still being played and the station is still very upbeat. A few months later… boring AC would arrive, along with the ultimate demise of the station just under two years from this recording. You’ll like this. Promise!

Dan Ingram on “Channel 77” WABC New York (January 25/March 22, 1966)

Station: 770 WABC (WJZ) New York (Wikipedia) (WABC Website) (WABC Tribute Website) Format: Top 40 Branded: “The All-Americans” Ownership: The American Broadcasting Company Featured Air Personality: Dan Ingram (Wikipedia) (Dan Ingram interview with Allan Sniffen at Musicradio77.com) Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Total Time: 10:26 Curator’s Notes: This aircheck is a bit confusing. Actually three different ‘checks on one tape, this starts with the beginning of the famous New York City blackout – Dan Ingram mentioning the electricity ‘slowing down’. Really just a clip, before it moves on to January 25, and then March 22 of 1968. Notice the majority of this recording lacks WABC’s reverb. Most likely either recorded directly off the board or fro...

Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | July 22, 1967

Sure, this is a post update, but there’s really nothing better than hearing MusicRadio 77 from its best-loved era, with it’s best-loved jock! This begins at the tail end of WABC News, then its right back into a fast-paced format full of Beach Boys, Rolling Stones and Beatles! It’s also a blistering hot July afternoon and New Yorkers are trying to cool off any way they can. Note how clean and crisp this recording is. It came to airchexx by way of Big Apple Airchecks and this proves that the aircheck sharing partnership we have with Matt Seinberg’s hobby site is not only valuable, but providing our listeners with the highest quality airchecks, comparable with the original master copies being donated to us by the jocks themselves! IF YOU ENJOY THIS AIRCHECK, PLEASE CON...

Dan Ingram, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | September 7, 2002

Date of Recording: 09.07.2002 Station: 101.1 WCBS-FM New York, New York, USA Format: Oldies Featured Air Personality: Dan Ingram Date of Posting: 09/14/2017 Total Time: 8:00 Telescoped Airchexx Entry: 1,510 Our Word for the Day on the Ingram mess is Contravene… Curator’s Notes: In writing liner notes, sometimes there are no words… Listen, kemosabe. Nobody is better at one liners than Dan Ingram! Period. Now, obviously, Big Dan doesn’t make a funny every break, but most. If you take the time to really LISTEN to this tightly scoped aircheck, you’ll be laughing before it’s done. I’m not posting the punch line, you need to hear it, every time! This is posted on the occasion of Dan Ingram’s 83rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Kemosabe and here’s ...

WABC Rewound 2007 – Hour 11

The second half of Big Dan Ingram from 1975.

WABC Rewound 2007 – Hour 10

…”just think of us as your 6-pack of music, icy cool WABC” Its the Summer of 1975… imagine yourself on the beach, hearing Dan Ingram say “Roll your Bod”! Its almost 100 degrees, in an era before we worried about global warming and Big Dan plays the music as the northeast bakes under one of those legendary heat waves. Listen for live commercials for ‘Shrunken Heads’ and more!  

WABC Rewound 2007 – Hour 9

Back to 1973 and this great show from Dan Ingram! Dan is in great form, and mentions survey numbers here on his Saturday show. Includes commercials!

WABC Rewound 2007 – Hour 4

Everybody’s favorite, Dan Ingram. First half is from 1966 (When Frank Sinatra was still making number 1 songs, according to Johnny Donovan), then it moves on to 1977, about 2/3rds of the way through… gotta love those Bee Gees!

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