Alan Polasky, 79 WFUN Miami | 1974

Alan Polasky, 79 WFUN Miami | 1974

79 WFUN 1960’s logo

The year appears to be 1974. From contributor Alan Polasky, here’s one of his own airchecks. It’s been preserved very well, sounds just like it came from the studio skimmer machine. At under two minutes long, this sounds really good and is typical of how AM top 40 radio sounded in ’74.


  1. steve

    It has to be at least 1976. The clip opens with the end of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” which was released in late December 1975.

    • As with so many of these airchecks, it obviously came in labelled incorrectly.

  2. Jay

    This aircheck can’t be 1974…It’s no earlier than October 1975…that when “I Love Music” by The O’Jays was released and he refers to it as ‘new”

  3. Billy

    Yeah, I remember WFUN in Miami Florida- From the 1970s early 70s.
    That fellow talking on the mic named alan polasky never really made it in the radio world and today- creates copy-cat websites of thriving terrestrial radio stations from Jazz music to Rock music, and word has it that many people have sued him.
    Buddy of mine from WLVE sued alan polasky and someone else is also suing him and such.
    Keep up great airchecks – but leave out the riff raff like this please!

    • Well, I don’t know anything about him and sure didn’t before posting that. DISCLAIMER: Comments posted here are not necessarily the opinion of or it’s owner, Steve West. Lets not go bashing people in a public forum. Thank you.

  4. Billy

    You are promoting older Air Checks which is usually great to listen back.
    This alan polasky person that you seem to be promoting as a rep for WFUN is a criminal.
    Are you – or are you Not aware of this? Perhaps it may be good idea to Take Down this post of WFUN, or by least remove this name of alan polasky.
    WFUN is a trademark and you may be in violation of the DMCA The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a 1998

    • First off, I have no idea the whereabouts of all the DJs featured on recordings on this website. Furthermore, I’m not aware of any copyright from an old station going back nearly 50 years. Unless the copyright holder emails me with proof of a copyright claim, with documentation and a government issued trademark certificate, the aircheck stays.

      Just because someone today may be serving time for a crime, doesn’t mean that his entire body of work has to be erased. This website museum is about the RADIO STATIONS of the past. It exists to honor the medium and those who worked in it. I refuse to be a part of cancel culture.

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