Allan Beebe, First Show, 66 WNBC New York | September 1, 1977

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Allen Beebe

It’s the first day of the “All-New WNBC” – Bob Pittman’s mostly failed attempt to remove the expensive personalities and streamline the station down to a more music, FM-style approach. Love it or hate it, it’s a part of the station’s legacy that can’t be forgotten.

It’s worth noting that while the idea was to make WNBC a “more music” station, it didn’t really kill off all personality. Sure, Imus was sent packing to Cleveland, and the entire staff right down to Cousin Brucie was let go, but this ushered in the era of people such as Scott Bingham, Ellie Dylan, and New Orleans native Allan Beebe. The station developed a unique personality that was totally different from what was before, while WNBC was able to shed its image as a middle-of-the-road music station to become a sort of Adult Hits outlet before AC really became a format. This would evolve into full-out Top 40 by 1981… but that story can wait for another time.

You will notice that WNBC was trying very hard to not let its on-air staff say too much in the beginning. Beebe actually SAYS very little, outside brief song intros and a few promos. It’s not at all what you would expect from one of the most powerful stations in America’s #1 radio market, and fortunately, this approach didn’t last very long – but it is a part of WNBC radio’s history that needs to be saved to the annuls of history.



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