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A Scott Lowe Special: “The Chucker Revolution” | Winter 2009

Contributor Scott Lowe checks in with a fantastic interview with Chuck Kirr, aka “The Chucker”. As you know, we’ve partnered with BigAppleAirchecks often in the past, and interestingly enough, Mr. Lowe contacted US about posting this great piece of work himself. A word about supporting Airchexx: It takes a lot to create and post compelling content such as this. Equipment breaks down and needs replacing (and there’s lots of that including a new computer workstation which is REQUIRED to continue, and a sound board which needs to be replaced). Won’t you please consider becoming a supporter? Our site will be here for many years to come and you can be assured that all support received will go directly to site costs. Thank you! Voluntary Subscription Options Yearly ...

Jay Douglas, WTIX-FM New Orleans | 1996

Date of Recording: 1996 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 94.3 WTIX-FM (KLEB-FM/KZZQ-FM/KBAU) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Format: Oldies Featured Air Personalities: Jay Douglas, Doug O’Brien (News) (WNBC/WINS) Contributor: Annonymous Comments: I hate to call this ‘sloppy’, but there are numerous pauses between elements in this format. It sounds as if WTIX-FM is using one of those old fashioned reel-to-reel automation systems that had a bit of a lag at times when switching from one reel, or cart machine to another. Either way, this was recorded before computer automation and it’s associated ability to allow production folks to make gawd-awful, effects laden sweepers that run between every song these days. Yes, there are plenty of dead segues here, and that’s nice t...

Blues 1280 WODT New Orleans | November 3, 1996

Date of Recording: 11.03.96 Station: 1280 WODT New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (WDSU/WMKJ/WQUE/WODT) Format: Blues Featured Air Personality: Unknown (format sample) Logo: Current “Fox Sports” logo Current Owner: iHeart Media, Inc. Comments: What can be more unique than a Blues station? How about one on AM, with ABC Information News & the late Paul Harvey. This sounds more like a local, full service station than a major market station, but perhaps that was what it was supposed to be. This is the station that started out as an old-line NBC affiliate, WDSU. It was an important station in New Orleans back in the day, but at this point in time, after several call letter and format changes including CHR and News/Talk, a very popular Blues format was evolving. It was a good run, last...

Coverage of Hurricane Katrina; WWL 870 AM New Orleans | August 29, 2005

About 24 hours before Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, LA., the stations of Entercom Communications were already in full storm coverage, simulcasting the programming of 870 WWL. History notes the horrific damage done when the storm made landfall. Forecasting these beasts is a challenge, not just for the meteorologists trying to figure out where the thing is going to hit, but for government officials to figure out what resources to provide, Emergency Management personnel and law enforcement to place their people in trying to help citizens cope. The challenge for the media is how best to keep the public informed so that listeners can make the right decisions; whether to evacuate out of harm’s way, what shelter to find or even to stay put so as not to clog the transportat...

QuickCheck: Nick Bazoo on WEZB B-97 New Orleans | 1982

Back in happier times in the Big Easy… Nick Bazoo. The name may not be familiar to those of us outside this market but the voice sure sounds familiar. This is short but a very high-intensity presentation in a tightly scoped aircheck. Talk about hot CHR! This will take you way back to the days when Pat Benatar was on Top 40 radio! And… it’s Mardi Gras time – so party on with Nick Bazoo on B-97!

Dale Spencer, WYLD FM 98 New Orleans | October 1987

We know very little about this station except that from research it appears that the AM flipped to Christian programming at some time after this recording. This sounds like an Urban AC formatted station. Someone who remembers may be able to better fill us in on the details. We did manage to find a station logo… on the side of a station van pictured below.

QuickCheck: Morning show, AM 990 WYAT New Orleans | October 1987

They don’t say their names, but this is a funny break from the WYAT morning show… funny because they play the Contours a second time (someone forgot to remove the already played cart!), then the whole show goes downhill from there! Talkabout screwing up your concentration! You get one break, worth about 2 and a half minutes of the “other” Oldies station. Yeah, and WTIX was Oldies too. What were they thinking?

The Ed Clancy Show on WTIX AM 690 New Orleans | October 1987

Here’s an 8 minute helping of the Ed Clancy Show on WTIX. Now, this is not from the Top 40 era, but they did play music as this was the station’s Oldies incarnation. Not bad for it’s time, and Ed Clancy is very entertaining, but with the big FMs doing music better than TIX can at this point, it’s just a matter of time, as they say. What an amazing staff this station had! Listening to WTIX from Memphis, Tennessee was just about unheard of due to the station’s night pattern but the evening that Katrina rolled in, they stayed on their daytime pattern using an emergency broadcasting rule that the FCC has on the books. These guys were the last stations on the air in New Orleans and stayed till the roof caved in and water destroyed the studios. Most of the full time...

PM Drive on 99-5 WRNO “The Rock” | October 1987

(Comments by Steve West) Remember back in the days when WRNO transmit (sometimes) a simulcast of its FM rock station on Shortwave? I still remember the frequency. 15.420 Megahertz. Sometimes Hard Rock, sometimes Top 40 (I heard Casey Casem on it one time), sometimes religion especially towards the end of it’s life, and for about a year, the home of Rush limbaugh. Anyway, this is not about the shortwave station, although it’s from the FM – SW simulcast era. It’s about the early Classic (active?) Rock era at 99.5 FM in the Cresent City. Today, WRNO IS Classic Rock and is owned by Clear Channel Communications. The Oldies days are long gone, and so is the Shortwave station. This is short, about 4 and a half minutes, which technically makes it an official QU...

Ben Cooper in the Morning, WEZB New Orleans’ Power Station B-97 | October 1987

Man there was some good radio in Nawleans! Listening to this recording, you notice the JAM jingles which were in common use at so many CHR stations. You also hear Cammie McCormick doing sidekick/news duties (she went on to be a CBS radio news anchor), and a promo done by our site friend Alan Beebe! All was well back in ’87 – and if you’re from the area, take a listen (if you’re not, listen anyway!). It’ll bring back some happy memories from before last year’s hurricane took it all away.

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