“Banana” Joe Montione Flashback Show, KIIS-AM/FM Los Angeles | Undated

02.7 Los Angeles KIIS

Banana Joe Montione
Banana Joe Montione
1975 WFIL Publicity Photo
Date of Recording: Unknown
Station: 102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles, California, USA
Format: CHR
Featured Air Talent: “Banana” Joe Montione
Contributor: Robyn Watts/East Coast Airchecks

…”you could be there as we play Flashback Jeopardy!”


Many of these “East Coast Airchecks” tapes came in undated, only labelled with the jock and station, thus we leave it up to our listeners to pinpoint when the aircheck was recorded.

This is the Banana Joe Flashback Show on Kiss-FM. Lots of promos for Rick Dees in the Morning, plenty of callers and tons of 80s hits are heard in this ultra high-energy scope that we’re guessing was probably made sometime around 1992 or 1993. CHR radio’s approach to an oldies show sounded incredible, especially since they only went back about 5-8 years. So, what hit station today bothers to do a live flashback show with local jocks? Anybody?

Thats what I thought.

Thanks to Robyn Watts for yet another great addition to the Airchexx archives!



  1. Keith Allen

    Classic Bananna Joe..what a great jock and boss..Had a chance to work for Joe at WHTF in Harrisburg in the 80’s and Joe would talk up the same songs with the same energy and fun heard on this aircheck..brings back great memeories of the 80’s
    Keith Allen
    B103 Long Island

  2. Brady

    This one cooks! Enjoy the high energy of the Top 40 elements between all the great retro hits! Maybe if corporate america radio wasn’t busy firing everybody today, they could listen to this aricheck for a lesson on how to do radio.

  3. Banana Joe was a great artist, a radio artist and a great boss at one point. I was his PD he was my GM. Great memories.
    Thanks Joe..I listening to up the ladder to the roof by the Supremes..great.

  4. Cristina Mendez

    I used to have Flashback40 on my laptop and then I lost it. Found it just yesterday and happy to see he’s on KIISFM. I live in SoCal so I just need to know what time does he come on? And can I still listen from my laptop??

    Love you Banana Joe!!

  5. Rick Bailey

    Banana Joe was awesome to work for. I worked with him in the late 90s. Several times he put me in the hospital with busted ribs from laughter.

  6. David

    Any airchecks of Banana Joe on WFIL Philadelphia in the early and/or mid-’70’s? Or, for that matter, airchecks from the end of its Top 40 era in 1977 or from its late-’70’s/very-early-’80’s soft rock (Adult Contemporary) era? (Uploading the latter would present another side of ‘FIL’s rock radio era.)

  7. Darrel

    Sounds great.. Energy, lots of Energy ! Funny, i don’t hear much of that on radio anymore..
    Current Classic Hit formats should be made to listen to this clip before turning on their mic..
    Just saying…That was a blast to listen to

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