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Jagger In The Morning, WIOQ Q102 Philadelphia | 1989

Date of Recording: 1989 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 102.1 WIOQ Philadelphia (Branded as Q102) Format: Rhythmic CHR Featured Air Personality: Chris Jagger Contributor: Robyn Watts Original Post Date: 12.10.2004 Curator’s Notes: This is a confusing aircheck, to say the least. About six minutes or so into this recording, it flips to what sounds like format change day at Q102. Granted, this MAY be two recordings strung together. Couldn’t tell other than the tape label which just said Chris Jagger, WIOQ. I’d like to leave the comments to our visitors about this aircheck, as I know very little about Q102 in this era. Please leave your notes below. Thank you.

Composite: Kansas City CHR Stations | May, 1989

Curator’s Comments: This was posted a LONG time ago. So long ago, it sat at the bottom of the list of posted airchecks… within the first 100 donated to the site back in the year 2002. Therefore, much of the ‘technical information’ isn’t quite available. Still. its a good composite showing off some of the best of Kansas City from 1989. Original Comments: (From 2002) This Kansas City offering brings us back to the tail end of the golden years of FM CHR. It was Top 40 radio’s second golden era (the first having been the AM Top 40 days that ended in the late 70s). A time of zany morning show teams, hot jingles and larger than life hits. Some of the personalities have moved on to bigger things on the internet and elsewhere. People like Joel Denver (All Access...

Baltazar, WXGT 92X Columbus OH | 1989

This first posted just under eight years ago. Most of this stations air staff moved on to bigger markets. 92.3 is now WCOL. Those call letters were in use on a dominant AM Top 40 from the 1960s and early 1970s. Contributor: Robyn Watts

QuickCheck: Wendy Williams, WPLJ Power 95 New York | October, 1989

Date of Reissue: 10.18.2017 Station: 95.5 WPLJ (WABC-FM) New York, New York, USA Format: CHR Featured Air Personality: Wendy Williams Contributor: Robyn Watts Original Post Date: October 30, 2007 Airchexx Entry: 653 Curator’s Notes: The writeup of this aircheck was written just about ten years ago to the day, and Wendy Williams’ television career (and Sirius/XM) is doing very well. Below are the original comments from 2007: —————————————————————— Seven years into a CHR war that WPLJ was losing to ratings giant WHTZ, the station leans Rhythmic and Wendy Williams is one of the stars that make up a talented airstaff. That’s what you hear on this...

J.J. Walker, WHYI Y-100 Ft. Lauderdale/Miami | 1989

Date of Recording: 1989 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 100.7 WHYI Fort Lauderdale (Miami), Florida, USA Format/Branding at Time of Recording: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) / Y-100 Featured Air Personality: J.J. Walker (Spyder Harrison) Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 897 Comments: From the enormous Robyn Watts collection, we present J.J Walker on Y-100! This is included on a tape put out by a then-popular aircheck service called East Coast Airchecks. This is from tape #11. A pretty funny and exciting late-80s CHR, Y-100 had a great lineup in those days. Walker does a feature called “Bed Check”, where callers throw in their comments and Walker just has a good time with it. Not much in the way of formatics or music, what scoped things we’d allow anyway. But one gets ...

Hecht Enterprises Presents: The Philadelphia Composite.

Date of Recording: July, 1991 Station(s): WIOQ,WEGX, WYSP Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Featured Air Personalities: Various Contributor: Robyn Watts Source: Hecht Enterprises, Tape #61 Airchexx Entry: 104 What the hell. Here’s another hit. Comments: The first of the Robyn Watts collection that we ever posted gets a facelift. From the very beginnings (we’re talking year number ONE for this website), here’s a three-station donation of Philadelphia classics! 1. 102.1 WIOQ – Affectionally known as Q-102, this goes by so fast we didn’t even catch the girl DJ’s name! Recognize that imaging voice? It sure SOUNDS like a young Scott Shannon… at least so young his voice doesn’t resemble Don Imus’s 95 year old ‘eh sonny… ‘ tone...

Sunny Joe White, WXKS-FM Kiss 108 Medford/Boston | November, 1989

Date of Recording: 11.xx.1989 Station: 107.9 WXKS-FM Medford, Massachusetts, USA Format: CHR Featured Air Personality: Sunny Joe White (1954-1996) Contributor: Robyn Watts Comments: In the history of Boston radio, perhaps no other Program Director was as successful or famous as “Sunny” Joe White. Hired by Ritchie Balsbaugh to launch Disco “Kiss 108” in 1978 from the ashes of Beautiful Music WWEL-FM 107.9, White took Boston’s first Disco station straight to number 1. By late 1979, as the Disco fad faded into oblivion, White took Kiss in a new direction, and by mid-1980, Kiss was straight-ahead Top 40, where it remains as of this writing. Sunny Joe White’s success with Kiss 108 really is unparallelled, at least from a longevity standpoint. While the decade...

LearJet, 96.5 WTIC-FM Hartford | 1992

Date of Recording: 1992 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 96.5 WTIC-FM Hartford, Connecticut, USA Format: CHR Featured Air Personality: Learjet Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,462 “Today’s Best New Music First, 96-TIC-FM“ Comments: Two years before PD Paul Cannon would take the station to Adult Contemporary, the intensity of this mostly Dance/R&B CHR mix is here for all to hear in a VERY short scope of a jock known as “Learjet”. By 1992, TIC-FM shared the CHR format with KISS 95.7 (WKSS) and KC-101 (WKCI 101.3) in nearby New Haven. Connecticut is a small state and markets overlap. Still, at this point in time, WTIC-FM was the heritage Top 40 station, having been in the format longer than it’s two competitors. Click to Donate Now!

Composite: 970 WWSW Pittsburgh | July, 1980

Date of Recording: 07.xx.1980 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 970 WWSW (WTKN/WBGG) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Format: Full Service Adult Contemporary Featured Air Personalities: Charlie Warren, George Heart, Jay Mitchell Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,461 “…In a 1979 People Magazine Poll, who was America’s favorite MALE singer?“ Comments The first half of this recording is dedicated to Charlie Warren and the morning show. Investigating the history of WWSW, there is very little reference to the slogan by which the station is branded here in 1980 – “Double Double”. There’s even a jingle package cut for it. Of course, the talent uses both Double Double and 970 WWSW to identify the station, which on this recording sounds very good. N...

The History of Black Radio With Dr. O.C. White And Jim Frazier, WAWA 1590 Milwaukee | February 10, 1987

Date of Recording: 02.10.1987 Station: 1590 WAWA (WCZN/WPWA) Milwaukee (West Allis), Wisconsin, USA Format: Black Gospel/Soul/R&B Featured Air Personalities: Dr. O. C. White, Jim Frazier Comments: Here is one of the most interesting airchecks I’ve heard in a long time. Dr. O.C. White and Jim Frazier talk about the history of Black radio from the days of 1590 WAWA about a year before the station went dark. The old jocks… where are they now and what stations were they heard? How did Black radio start? These questions are answered on this one hour recording. it’s a MUST LISTEN for anyone who wishes to know about Milwaukee area Black radio!

“Radio Magazine”, 1070 KENR Houston | November, 1982

Date of Recording: 11.xx.1982 Station: 1070 KENR (KCRR/KRBE/KKHT/KNTH) Houston, Texas, USA Format: Full Service Oldies Featured Air Personalities: Bruce Barker, Chuck Scott, Penny Crohn (News); Jeannie Long (Horoscopes); Paul Harvey (News & Comment) Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,460 …”You have 15 minutes to call me at 390-K E N R and you’ll be a winner” Comments: The current 1070 KNTH Houston bears no resemblance to the station formerly known as KENR. Going back to 1982, this was a station that boasted full news and sports departments, and an Oldies format that teetered on Standards, as the station played a wide variety of music from Do-Wop 50s oldies to Frank Sinatra. The morning show was billed as “Radio Magazine” and included compreh...

Jim Quinn, 1410 KQV Pittsburgh | May, 1971

Date of Recording: 05.xx.1971 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 1410 KQV Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Jim Quinn Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,459 “Once again, we are giving away hot pants!” Comments: Sounding much as if a table microphone was placed in front of a transistor radio speaker, here’s a quick aircheck of Jim Quinn. Quinn runs a very up-tempo show and has a good sense of humor. There is a promotion going on, giving away ‘hot pants’. The first break you hear there’s a winner on the phone. KQV was the leading Top 40 station in Pittsburgh in 1971 – an era before FM listening had caught up with AM. You’ll enjoy this 4:25 scope of 14/KQV! Click to Donate Now!