‘Banana’ Joe Montione on 56 WFIL Philadelphia | 1974

‘Banana’ Joe Montione on 56 WFIL Philadelphia | 1974

WFIL 56 Philadelphia – Banana Joe Montione – 1974

Philadelphia’s Famous 56 WFIL, the Delaware Valley’s Pop Powerhouse, was the home of many broadcasting legends. Jim O’Brien, Dr Don Rose, Long John Wade, George Michael, Jim Nettelton, Dick Heatherton, Frank Kingston Smith, & the jock featured on this aircheck, Banana Joe Montione.

Banana Joe took over the night show on WFIL in 1974, and had big shoes to fill. He replaced WFIL legend, George Michael, who had left WFIL for WABC in New York. Joe was WFIL’s last teen oriented jock, as listening habits were changing, and teens were leaving AM radio, for FM. Joe was a lot of fun to listened to, & he loved interreacting with his listeners. -Ellis


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