WANS 107 Greenville-Spartanburg – Mike Benson – March 11 1988

This is a recording of the radio dial I made, when I was driving through Western South Carolina area back in March 1988. WANS served the Greenville Spartanburg market, from north of the border in North Carolina. On this recording, you’ll hear Mike Benson, who did mornings on WANS 107 in the late 1980s. I don’t know where Mike Benson went after WANS. If you know, leave a comment below!  -Ellis


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3 thoughts on “Mike Benson on 107 WANS Greenville-Spartanburg S.C. | March 11 1988”
  1. Hey it’s Mike! What a find! Thanks for posting it. You can find me on Facebook. Mike Benson Radio and Mine Benson Radio Personality.

    1. I was working at WXLK in Roanoke in the 1980s, and was on a roadtrip through the Carolinas with my boom box, and recorded you. I was always trying to find some good sounding morning shows.

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