Barnes & the CD Countdown, WNNX Atlanta | January 28, 1995

99.7 FM Atlanta WAPW WARM WNNX WWWQ Power 99 99x

Notable because this station uses the only other 99X monikker that we know of, and because we featured this station’s CHR predecessor a few weeks ago, here’s a scoped hour of Atlanta’s New Rock station.

99X changed formats in 2007. When we get audio of the flip, we’ll post it on our sister site, The Format Change Archive run by our site administrative guru Lance Venta.

WNNX Atlanta - 99X


  1. Hi Steve,

    This was the product of one of my trips to Atlanta in 1995. I remember leaving Columbia for Atlanta at about 6 a.m. in the morning and running through a very nasty thunderstorm as I was going through Augusta. This is what remains of the tapes that I’ve made on that trip since I’ve can’t find the masters. (argh!!!)


  2. Richard Mayberry

    I really enjoyed listening to the CD Countdown back in the 90’s. It was neat to hear what the sales of CD’s were in the Atlanta area. I keep suggesting they bring some form of the CD Countdown back.

    Thanks for posting!!!

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