Rhubarb Jones & the morning show, WYAY (Y106) Atlanta | December 21, 1987

Listen to this great morning show! They really knew how to do Country right… but hey, this IS the south. Included in this aircheck: two full newscasts, traffic and weather. All the full service elements you’d expect from a great station. Full length commercials included also. Now, remember, this is 1987. Its a few days before Christmas, and these guys manage to be really funny without offending anyone. Too bad I had to scope this… “Merry Christmas Darling” by the Carpenters is great to hear again. Thanks once again to Karl Phillips, who included some vintage 80s/90s cassettes in that box of old reels!

Seven Hours to Midnight – PM Drive on 750 WSB Atlanta | December 31, 1988

AM 750, WSB, has the strongest signal around….. DEPEND ON IT! Curator’s Notes It’s just before 5 pm as this aircheck opens during the final hours of 1988. This unknown jock gracefully glides through the holiday shift and weaves little hints about the date. We get lots more during the news, read by Roger Cook. Even in 1988, WSB is a full-service station. Still playing some music but emphasizing their news department as the Go-To place for radio news in Greater Atlanta and surrounding suburbs. This is an historic recording for a couple of reasons. First, it was becoming very uncommon to hear any music on AM in 1988, as most were turning to Talk formats by then, and the few music stations on the AM band heading into 1989 had their music delivered by satellite. WSB was doing ...

Tom & Paul Collins, 79 WQXI Atlanta | December 19, 1964. Pt. 2

Date of Recording: 12.19.1964 Station: 790 WQXI Atlanta Format: Top 40 Station Slogan: “Audio 79” Featured Air Personalities: Tom Krimsler (“Collins”), Bob Krimsler (“Collins”) Contributor: Bob Jones Post Date: 12.08.2017 Airchexx Entry: 1,532 We’re the Tiger Twins Tom & Paul Collins and we got lots of calls for this record… Curator’s Notes: Here’s the second part of the Tiger Twins radio program recorded between 12 midnight and 2am 12.19.1964. Commercals, news and sports reports left intact for your listening enjoyment. Some light processing was performed, mainly to restore the right audio track, as this came to us with audio only in the left. Contributor Bob Jones says this was his original recording, the oldest one he has. We’re very thankf...

Tom & Paul Collins, 79 WQXI Atlanta | December 19, 1964, Part 1

Date of Recording: 12.19.1964 Station: 790 WQXI Atlanta Format: Top 40 Station Slogan(s): Quicksie, Audio 79 Featured Air Personalities: Tom Krimsler (“Collins”), Bob Krimsler (“Collins”) Contributor: Bob Jones Post Date: 12.07.2017 Airchexx Entry: 1,531 We got a brand new secret word for ya… Curator’s Notes: Over the years, we’ve posted many WQXI airchecks and most feature Gary McKee or someone else and mainly all of them are from the 1970s. This one takes us back to the year that the Beatles broke upon the music scene. You’ll hear some beatles played and mentioned in the banter. Tom was working with his brother Paul – true story. They called themselves the “Tiger Twins” and had the late night/overnight show. We’ll re...

Dr. John Leader, 790 WQXI Atlanta | December 23, 1972

Date of Recording: 12.23.1972 Station: 790 WQXI Atlanta, Georgia, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Dr. John Leader (WQXI/KHJ) Contributor: Daniel Coulombe (CKTS/CJMQ) Airchexx Entry: 1,474 …How ’bout it babe, a little puppy would make a great Christmas gift!” Comments: Dr. John Leader is a hidden gem on an airstaff of unbelievable talent. “Quicksie in Dixie” was one of the monnikers used over the years, but in this recording made JUST before Christmas, 1972, the station is simply calling itself ‘QXI. Really. This moves along so fast it’s hard to keep up. Dr. John Leader has that keen, sharp wit that the best of the best Top 40 jocks had, the ability to say something incredibly funny right off the top of his head in between a record. Fas...

Sample: 94.1 WQXI-FM Smyrna GA | 1969

Date of Recording: 1969 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 94.1 WQXI-FM (WDJK/WKXI/WQXI-FM/WSTR) Smyrna, Georgia, USA Format: Easy Listening Featured Air Personality: Jim Rich (Business News Reporter) Contributor: Bob Jones Airchexx Entry: 1,471 “WQXI-FM salutes Harry J. Reynolds, appointed Southern Regional Manager in the photo and repro division of GAF Corporation” Comments: So often in researching the history of modern FM stations, one finds that the humble beginnings were as a new FM counterpart to an existing AM station. Often, the first programming choice was a straight simulcast of the dominant AM station. For others, Classical Music was the preferred format, as new owners attempted to demonstrate the ultra-high quality sound that FM offered the listener compared to AM. And t...

“The Tiger Twins” 790 WQXI Atlanta | December 20, 1964 (Corrected)

Date of Recording: 12.20.1964 Station: 790 WQXI Atlanta, Georgia, USA Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personality: Paul Collins Contributor: Bob Jones Airchexx Entry: 1,469 “The Station with the Happy Difference!” Comments: Long before legendary WQXI air personality Gary McKee arrived at the station, WQXI was a highly competitive and entertaining Top 40 station. As of this writing, this aircheck is the oldest recording of this station on our site. It’s the Paul Collins show. Collins talks between every record, after every commercial and this pretty representative of the state of live radio in the early 1960s. Includes one full newscast and a news minute of just the headlines. Recorded before Christmas, a sharp cold front is bringing in very cold Winter air to the Atlanta metr...

Sample: 92.9 WZGC Atlanta | Date Unknown

Contributor Jay Sawyer sent this in without comment. From sometime in the 1980s, the old “Z93” CHR station is sampled from the weekend airing of American Top 40 with Kasey Kasem. The voice, we assume, is that of the contributor, doing the Top Hour IDs and the two weather breaks. And that’s all you hear from this less-than-two-minute sample from an era long gone. Aircheck #1,392 since May 2, 2002!

Jay Sawyer, 104.7 WALR Atlanta | 1990

New Contributor Jay Sawyer checks in with something different from the Atlanta market. We looked up WALR and found a confusing description online about the station being mainly an Urban outlet, and with different call letters around the time that this recording was made. So, we asked our Contributor for a few more details. Jay wrote back, and he recalls: WALR 104.7 was a signal brought to Atlanta from Athens, GA. They were originally going on-air in 1989 but the FM tower fell…..TWICE. Around 1990 I started working there for just over a year when I believe Dickey Broadcasting decided to sell the station. I was then out of work. When I was there it had a “Light Rock” format in the middle of what B98.5 FM (WSB) and Star 94FM (WSTR)’s format. The new owners then changed...

Steve Davis, 99.7 WARM Atlanta | 1986

Description by Karl Phillips… Power 99.7 – when it was new, it was not WAPW, it was WARM “The New” Power 99.7. Here’s Steve Davis in Atlanta in 1986. Note: This station later became Alternative WWNNX 99X

QuickCheck: Mark Stewart on WZGC Z-93 Atlanta | 1986

Courtesy of Karl Phillips, it’s not long and it’s not the best audio quality but here’s a bit of Mark Stewart on Atlanta’s longtime CHR leader, Z-93!

Format Change: “New Rock” 99X Atlanta is Born | October 26, 1992

Courtesy of Karl Phillips, who sent in a ton of airchecks on reel, here’s one on cassette captured when former Atlanta CHR WAPW “Power 99” flipped to New Rock as 99X. On the tape you’ll hear the old call letters still in use (not WNNX, as this would become), buried in a legal ID buried in a stopset later in this aircheck. The 99X monikker launches just a few minutes into this scoped format change. At about 12:45 in, you’ll hear… “and now, for posterity, this is the last time you’ll hear…” and the Power 99 jingle played. Very smooth! Now, your curator has heard a ton of format changes, but this was very classy. They originally kept the CHR jocks during the transition to Rock. Only the name and the music changed. Of course, 99X beca...

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