Beaver Cleaver, 97.1 KHTZ Los Angeles | August 12, 1979

97.1 Los Angeles KHTZ K-Hits

…Janice, from Sherman Oakes, is taping my show!…

Is THAT where this tape originated from? Somehow it seems more like it’s just a coincidence. This is the new KHTZ “K-Hits 97”

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Donated to the archives by master restorian Rob Frankel (correction) we bring you an all new L.A. radio station! K-Hits 97 was the logical evolution of KTNQ 1020 “Ten-Q”. Here’s the jock known as Beaver Clever trying out the new FM incarnation of Ten-Q, which at this point was literally 12 days old! We’ll leave it up to you to answer the question, “Who is Beaver Clever?” Hint: He wasn’t on a famous Black and White television show!

While the slogan was different for this station, the Top of the Hour approach was the same as the former AM: “L.A.’s ONLY Rock & Roll Radio!” The things to notice in this aircheck… No news, no commercials and no jingles. Just a jock and his music. This is also, a very clean, HI-FI (as opposed to HD) noise-free recording that required absolutely no processing on our end. This was received unscoped, which had to be telescoped down for our online presentation


  1. Maverick

    If someone could find an aircheck of Beaver Cleaver on K. West 106 in 1982, that would be a rare find! He was only on for one Sunday evening.
    I was interning at KWST when it was top 40. I decided to leave, the same day Chris “Stereo” Kelly

  2. Maverick

    (For some reason, it’s not allowing me to post full comment. The “post comment” button disappears

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