Joey Reynolds, 610 WIOD Miami | April 10, 1993 / Easter Sunday

610 WIOD

610 AM Miam, WIOD
Known informally as a guy who’s worked more radio stations than anyone else, Joey Reynolds is heard here on Easter Sunday Morning on 610 WIOD. A couple of years later, with on air endorsements from some biggies at the former WNBC New York, like the late Wolfman Jack, Reynolds is in rare form here talking about Easter’s significance, taking callers and talking about anything EXCEPT radio – he hangs up on one caller wanting Reynolds to interview Dan Ingram!
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The best bit here has to be his Elmer Fudd bit, talking about handcuffs and killing the wabbitt… Priceless!

Joey Reynolds is…, well, Joey. There’s only one. And he’s heard this time on WIOD Miami in the days before syndication where it’s all live, local and Joey Reynolds.


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