October 18, 2021

3 thoughts on “Big Rich Baker, 101.3 WKCI Hamden (New Haven) KC-101 FM | 1981

  1. Judging from the car ad saying it was the end of the 1981 year and the reference to kids going back to college I would say this was at the end of August 1981. I was going to college as a Sophomore back then in Springfield, MA and KC-101 was one of several stations that was often blasting from speakers in the dorm rooms. In fact I may even have been on the road going back to college from Long Island when this aired.

    As for the music, I had forgotten how smooth the early 80’s were. Listening to this aircheck took me back briefly to a happier time. I am sorry we cannot hear the unscoped version but I suppose I could use my vast collection of MP3’s to put it back together (sort of).

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