Big Ron O’Brien, 102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles | August 29, 1992

102.7 Los Angeles KIIS-FM KKDJ Bruce VidalHere’s another in a big series of BIG Ron O’Brien airchecks donated to us by Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks. He’s proving once again why BAA is our largest contributor, by far!


(Description by Ellis B. Feaster)

Many know today’s 102.7 KIIS-FM as L.A.’s Hit Music Station. But I have been surprised by how many did not realize KIIS started as an AM station back in 1970. 1150 KRKD new owner changed to format from Adult Standards, to Soft Hits, and the calls were changed to KIIS, which was NOT meant to suggest “Kiss” as many believe, but rather the “IIS” represented the station’s dial position, “115” on old fashioned analog radios. The jingles on the new station were preformed by Karen & Richard Carpenter. By 1975, the station was sold, along with it’s FM sister station, 102.7 KKDJ. KKDJ’s calls were changed to KIIS-FM, and KKDJ DJ Charlie Tuna “married” the two stations on air. They spent part of the day simulcasting and AC format, and part of the day broadcasting separately.


(Description by Steve West)
For such a short aircheck, this one is packed with just Big Ron and his voice… and a bit of music underneath him! You will notice that even though O’Brien is just doing straight CHR format, he still gets a few lines of his own in! KIIS-FM is running a ticket givaway, as usual. Big Ron gets HIS winner right at the end of this.

Audio quality is pretty good. I did no extra processing for our presentation. There are no drop-outs from the tape and this sounds okay for being 28 years old!

(YouTube Video coming soon)


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