Bill Bailey, 98.1 KSLQ St. Louis | May 13, 1977

98.1 St. Louis KSLQ KSTL-FM KRCH-FM KYKY Y98.1

Date of Recording: 05.13.1977
Station: 98.1 KSLQ St. Louis (KSTL-FM/KRCH-FM/KSLQ/KYKY)
Format: Top 40
Slogan: “KSLQ”
Featured Air Personality: Bill Bailey (WWDJ/WLS/WDRQ/KSLQ/WLHT)
Contributor: Sandy Bailey
Total Time: 12:46 (Telescoped)
Airchexx Entry: 1,536

If your sock or stocking falls today, someone is thinking of you…

Curator’s Notes:

Without much to go on, it took a bit of work to look up the history of this long-gone Bartell-owned Top 40 station. Today’s KYKY “Y98” was the original KSLQ. Originally taking to the air under those call letters in 1972, the station lasted just 10 years, then changed to Adult Contemporary in 1981 and the call letters changed to the current KYKY in 1982.

The late Bill Bailey (of WLS fame) is heard here doing mornings. This is not quite the same morning show pace listeners are used to today, but it is caller-intensive. The then-current contest is “Hi-Lo”, where listeners call in to guess the amount in the KSLQ jackpot. Nobody wins on this original reel-to-reel recording.

It’s Friday the 13th and we’re reminded of that quite a bit. It’s pretty good morning show fodder here.

This is an aircheck from new contributor Sandy Bailey. Sandy met her late husband at WLS Chicago and they were married over 40 years before his passing a few short years ago.

98.1 St. Louis KSLQ KSTL-FM KRCH-FM KYKY Y98.1

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  1. Ken

    Very cool Guy, Worked with wife Sandy at KSD in St. Louis!

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