Drake Davis, 92.5 KAER Sacramento | August, 1986

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Date of Recording: 08.1986 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 92.5 KAER Sacramento (KFBK-FM/KAER/KOBY/KHLX/KBEB)
Format: Adult Contemporary
Featured Air Personality: Drake Davis
Contributor: Drake McDonald Davis
Post Date: 12.14.2017
Airchexx Entry: 1,534

KAER 92.5.. There it is (smack!), Got it. Jitterbugs!

Curator’s Notes:

Contributor Drake Davis is heard here, taking liberties with your typical mid 1980’s softer Adult Contemporary format. I think what strikes me is that during this time period, your curator worked a station with a similar format and at least during the dayparts, liner cards were just about all anyone were allowed to say, so I relate completely to this aircheck. The station format itself, while you are reminded of just how good (or bad for some of you) the music was, is rather boring. No, this sure isn’t top 40, and Drake Davis likely wasn’t the typical day jock (and gets away with adding a bit to his delivery), but it is totally representative of the state of the AC format at the time.

This was a Westinghouse owned radio station during this time, before Chancellor Media, and all the various incarnations of what ended up becoming the mighty Clear Channel, er, iHeart Radio. It’s been a number of different stations (call signs) over the years, and the one format that seems to work on 92.5 is Country. It’s known as “The Bull” these days.

92.5 Sacramento KBEB The Bull iHeart Media
92.5 KBEB “The Bull” – Formerly KEAR


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