September 23, 2021

11 thoughts on “Bill Berlin, 1240 WKDA Nashville | December 27, 1968

  1. You’re killing me! Wow…this brings back good memories. I worked with Bill on the Music Country Radio Network. He’s not only a great talent, but a great guy as well.

  2. Keith Bilbrey! Wow I’m quite honored as well as a large fan of yours on WSM! Speaking of memories, you probably know someone I do… Yodeller Kenny Roberts, he’s in his 80s at this point but we lived in the same hometown for many years, in Athol, Massachusetts. I know he’s been on the Opry and WSM numerous times in the past… and I was honored to have him on one of my shows back in the 80s.

    As for Bill Berlin, I had several people request an aircheck from him, so thank our contributor Karl Philips for sending in that custom recorded reel.

  3. I would put money on having heard this live on 1240 WKDA unless I was tuned in to 1300 WMAK which was KDA’s rival. I was in 7th grade, just recovered from the Hong Kong Flu and my family was spending the Christmas holidays in Nashville with family. Listening to WKDA was always a treat although I got to hear the legendary WHB in Kansas City anytime as we lived in Independence.

    This was an exciting time for Top 40. More music was becoming a reality and personality one-in-a-row radio was on the way out. Eventually WKDA would boast 55 minutes of music during night hours bunching news and commercials at :55. You’d get things like “ten in a row” and more.

    While I loved more music, the boss 30, 20-20 news and all that fun stuff, I now know it was the signal to the end of the radio personality.

    In 1968, one by one, beautiful music FMs were changing to more contemporary formats including the album oriented rock formats. Nashville was a late bloomer for AOR. In Kansas City we already had KCJC, the FM side to the big 1380 KUDL “Cuddle” that would eventually become KUDL FM. Nashville, around 1971, got AOR via WKDA FM.

    As for Bill Berlin, I used to be a ‘puker’ on the air thanks to guys like this. Finally a radio station stuck me overnights and re-trained me. Don’t know what Bill is doing now, but from this aircheck, no matter how much he would cringe hearing it, for those of us who remember, thanks for making radio that fun, magical medium we loved and cherished.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Bill Turner (KYND, Houston, TX)

  4. Does my memory fail me? I remember a wonderful story teller, from I think, WDKA, that came on in the afternnon at 4:30 or 5:00

    Iene Wicker. The Singing Lady.

    I would love to write about her, however I must make sure. I am 81, so you know you will have to dig in the archives – aaround 1935 0r 36

    Grateful for any information,

    shirley keyser

  5. Bill Berlin (William Earnest Berlin, Jr) was my lifelong friend to whom will always be remembered for the rest of my life.

  6. I’m so happy to have found this! Bill Berlin was my father, and even though I miss him every day I keep finding recordings of him… things I’ve never heard… and It’s like he still here. Thank you.

  7. He had a way of making you feel much better, even when things were going badly. He WAS a wonderful funny guy. One ounce of Bill Berlin was worth a ton of prescription medicine. He’ll always deserve a chapter in the History of Nashville radio. ~Bill Massey

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