1240 WKDA

Bill Berlin, 1240 WKDA Nashville | December 27, 1968

Right off the reel, here’s a brand new exhibit from Karl Phillips. WKDA has occupied three AM frequencies, that we know of, since 1968. 1240, as in this aircheck, more recently as a Spanish station on 1430, and currently on 1200 (later info courtesy FYBUSH.COM) after a move there in 2002. This aircheck is unique for a number of reasons. First, this really is typical of most of the top 40 stations in the late 60s. Sure, there was WLS, WABC and a handful of others which always stand out. But most of the middle & large markets had stations which sounded very much like this. And they sure were popular. Especially when you realize that WKDA was only a 1,000 watt station by day and 250 watts at night. Yet, people remember the DJs who graced these stations. Bill Berlin is one we’v...

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