Bill Houston, 92.1 WLNG “The Sound of Long Island” Sag Harbor NY | Sometime 1992

92.1 Sag Harbor WLNG

Date of Recording: 1992 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 92.1 WLNG Sag Harbor, New York, USA
Format: Full-Service Oldies
Featured Air Personality: Bill Houston
Contributor: Ray Bozzanca


Contributor Ray Bozzanca says this is his friend Bill Houston – Ray is heard at the front of this aircheck on the phone with Houston during this 1992 broadcast. Ray writes:

…at the beginning of this aircheck I pretended to be a caller named Bob, like you the first time you D-Jayed I was nervous as hell! I was more interested in technical workings behind the scene of radio than on-air,but later in 1998 Bill got me as the so called side kick for the internet but I did get over my on air shyness so to speak.

He’s right on about the shyness.. your webmaster’s first day on the air, way back in 1980 scared me out of my wits! Anyway, this is WLNG, pretty much an institution for decades from Sag Harbor out in Eastern Long Island. Enjoy!

WLNG Sag Harbor NY


  1. Ray Bozzanca

    Two Years later in 1994, Bill would move on to replace Jack Spector who at the time passed away on the air at Long Islands 1100 AM WHLI “Adult Standards” format.Bill held the afternoon PM drive for the next 12 years working for former WMCA “Good Guy” Dean Anthony who was the program director.

  2. Chucker

    Is this the same Bill Houston who was on 14-NVR in Waterbury?

    • Ray Bozzanca

      In 1985 to 1986 Bill worked at station
      WNAQ “Stereo 1380” in Waterbury,Conn.That’s the only station I recall in Waterbury.In 1988-1989 he was at
      station WXCT New Haven,Conn.

      • Ross

        I believe WNAQ at one time was the old WOWW at 860 khz. moving to 1380 allowed it to stay on at night.

  3. Larry

    The biggest difference between LNG in the 90s and today is that back then, they played a lot of current hits. Today, it’s all oldies.

    Many in the industry do not acknowledge the success of WLNG because the presentation is different than what is heard everywhere else on the dial.

    This is wrong because LNG has been commercially viable since 1963 when they began on AM only at 1600.

    The FM on 92.1 would sign on a few years later and in 1997, WWRL New York got exclusive use of 1600 and WLNG-AM along with a couple of other stations close by on 1590 disappeared forever.

    Bill Houston sounds good and so does the jingles, the music selection etc.

    • WLNG, as late as 1999 played 50% current hits. They sometimes called themselves, “old hit, new hit L-N-G.” I made airchecks of them in the 1990’s while visiting my grandparents in East Hampton, six miles from the transmitter.

  4. douglas wolfberg

    hello..i became good friends will bill houston back in 1999 until 2004..i believe he left to go into business with a former jock named larry carlson..and opened there own radio school in belmore long island….would anyone know if he is well…i tried to contact larry carlson but no responce….thank you.. i should mention that he was at 1100 whli am…and also was voice of station..powerful deep voice….thank you….doug.

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