Bill Lee, 98 WJBQ Portland, ME | February 24, 1983

97.9 FM Portland, WJBQ, Harry Nelson, Brian Phoenix, Steve Bleecker

So you think the smaller markets sounded quaint? Even in 1983, some of the hottest jocks in radio could be heard in tiny markets… Portland Maine is no exception. WJBQ was a flame-throwin’ Top 40 outlet for many years, and the talent that walked through those hallowed portals, well, you can imagine, given the talent of Bill Lenke (Lee).

After a stint in Hartford at WTIC-FM and then San Francisco at KFRC, PD Harry Nelson brought the master rhymer up to Portland to liven up an already electric airstaff. And listen to the results! This is incredibly HIGH-ENERGY CHR, like you’d expect from Bill Lee!



  1. Hi Steve,

    I believe that Bill was still at KFRC when he came in to do this. After Bill was dismissed from KFRC later in 1983 over a controversial AIDS parody, he teamed up with Harry Nelson again at KKIB in Fargo, ND.


  2. I know he did the KKIB gig around the same time, it’s posted here. But… the time line was a bit fuzzy to me. I’m of the opinion that Harry Nelson ranks among one of the best programmers in history. Always knew what entertained.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  3. Sammy Kiser

    great aircheck!!! Man what ever happened to those great jocks like Bill Lee…now the formats are so plastic they seldom give you the names of the songs and arent tight at all plus we were used to great voices today your next door neighbor might as well on the air. Long live Bill Lee!!

  4. Fred Weitz

    I am a longtime wcbsfm fan and when the stationed reurned this past summer, I was a bit leary of the new on air personalities at first, but WOW,Bill Lee is so electric on the air. I look foward to his show every day. He is also very personable when he opens the phone lines to listeners.

  5. I’m a big fan of Broadway Bill Lee ever since one of my mentors Tony Paul-the Groove Master mentioned him to me in the late 80s.
    His style and presentation is awesome.
    Thanks to WCBS 101 FM in NYC, I can still follow Bill’s career. Thanks to aircchexx too.

  6. calradiopd

    Bill was still at KFRC…probably did this shift on a lark while visiting Harry (a good friend).

    Bill’s last day at KFRC was July 13, 1983. By that point Harry had moved to KKIB, Fargo and hired him there in a matter of hours. Bill was there less than a year before going to WLOL, Minneapolis.

  7. And Then He Went KPKE And Then WQHT From 1986 To 1991 And Then He Came Back To Team Up With His Old KFRC Friend Renel Lewis To Create The 1O6 KMEL’s New Jack Zoo Morning Show And Then He Came To New York To Be One Of The Current Jocks On 101.1 CBS-FM.

    • Cecelia


      BTW, and don’t forget Bill’s afternoon show at 103.5 FM WKTU, where he spent the late ’90s before moving to WCBS-FM. 😉

  8. Alan DesJardins

    I had no idea growing up in southern Maine just how good I had it. Surrounded by legendary talent. I had the pleasure of working with Bill when this air check was recorded. I was a part timer – weekend warrior then, learning from the masters Bill Lee, Brian Phoenix, Bob Bronson, Harry Nelson, just to name a few.

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