Tom Kent, 105 WAVA Arlington | March 27, 1984


Here’s one of our favorites – Tom Kent, heard elsewhere here on WLS & G98, serving up some high-energy Top 40, with all the fixin’s! WAVA is in the early stages of CHR here, once having been a big Rock station. We all know what this station preaches today… but way back when (over 20 years now), this was THE station to listen to in the Washington DC area!

105 WAVA


4 Replies to “Tom Kent, 105 WAVA Arlington | March 27, 1984”

  1. Brady

    Screw Salem and the crap they call WAVA today, it was all about what that aircheck contained. Great 80s hits and cookin jocks! Here’s to TK and Jon ‘Rock N Roll’ Anthony for a job well done!

  2. Liz

    I remember WAVA well…I was a teen in the 80’s and was an avid WAVA listener…I really miss radio the way it used to be…now everything seems so stale and lacking in personality.

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