Bill Todd as Cat Simon, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | July, 1972

930 Los Angeles KHJ

Bill Todd, AKA Cat Simon was having every jock’s worst nightmare. Songs stopped in mid-play. Carts misfired. Not once, not twice but several times. One can almost feel his frustration as he says, “I’m having a night, folks!”

Well then! Courtesy of Contributor Max Power, here’s a show every radio disc jockey hopes he’ll never have. To think, his boss was out there somewhere… And if not, there was always the dreaded aircheck machine in the KHJ studio to review.


It’s exactly ten-thirty in Los Angeles…

How do you say, conquistador? Okay, how did Cat Simon say it? And this is just the beginning.
Note that while all the music is removed, except for beginnings and endings (this is known as ‘telescoping’), we have all the jock patter and full commercials for each break. This gives you, the listener, a taste for the flavor of how KHJ sounded in the Summer of 1972. Also, note the obligatory General Tire commercials.

Simon’s troubles begin at exactly 4:49.2 (because accuracy is a thing here at airchexx. Thanks to the late Uncle Ricky aka “calradiopd” for pointing that out so often on the ‘other’ website…). Listen as Cat Simon announces he’s giving away tickets to “Jesus Christ Superstar” over the intro to CCR’s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”. At the aforementioned moment, he stops and says… “I hope“.

With that tease, I invite you to continue listening to the rest of this superb recording and see if you can identify the other bloopers captured in this off-the-air recording. Be sure to post your observations on our facebook page featured below the player button.

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