Charlie Fox, 68 WRKO Boston | 1973

680 Boston WRKO

Charlie Fox is immortalized in this 1973 clip of the Big 68 WRKO. Man, some things never change. The phone number, for instance. 931-1668. Be caller number one. ONE! Get your request on WRKO!

It’s a sunny day out there and Charlie Fox says its about time. New England weather being what it is, its liable to be cloudy for days on end.

This is rather short. It runs 4:43 in total, scoped. Many thanks to our contributor, Max Power! His collection is growing quickly!

Play me Frequently.. and on this frequency! WRKO…”

The question burning in a lot of people’s minds right now is, just WHO is Charlie Fox? Apparently, after WRKO, Fox went to KDWB up in the Twin Cities. That led him to the west coast. If anyone knows where Charlie Fox went after that, perhaps they could fill us in!