Blizzard Coverage, WCBS (AM) 880 New York | January 26, 2015


Blizzard of 2015 New York City
Surviving the Blizzard of 2015 in New York’s Central Park (photo by CBS)
Date of Recording: 01.26.2015
Station: WCBS 880 New York City, New York, USA
Format: News
Featured Air Talent: Tonya Hansen (anchor), Bob Larsen (Meteorologist)
Contributor: Steve West (Steve Sawyer) (WCAT/WFGL/WFMP/WHAI/WEZL/KOUL/KLTG/WINQ/WOGY/WMBZ/WGKX/WJZN/WMC-FM/RadioMaxMusic/WCTZ HitOldies/Airchexx)
Aircheck Entry: 1,480

… All told, we expect 18 to 24 inches of snow to accumulate…

The Blizzard of 2015 was really the blizzard that wasn’t, at least for New York City, western parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts and parts north. Go to Central and Eastern Long Island, Connectict, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and it was a completely different story, as nearly two feet did fall during the storm.

Heavy snow, extreme cold and high winds are nothing unusual for those in the Northeast. So, how did radio handle this event? Judge for yourself, but coverage was ramped up as the threat for a real blizzard became a reality. Live coverage of the Mayor’s press conference regarding the storm, live reporting from DPW headquarters, the City and State emergency services and nearly constant reports from the station’s staff meteorologists added to the urgency.

Rather than comment on the state of News Radio and how perhaps overblown events like this become, I’ll just post this for your enjoyment.

Recorded digitally using a Realistic TM-152 AM-AM Stereo standalone receiver through a Behringer board into the Airchexx studio production computer. The noise floor was very low this day.

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  1. John

    Some how, doesn’t seem as unique and special if it’s only 2 years old. Wait until 2045, and then this will be something special.

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