October 19, 2021

2 thoughts on “Bob Gilmore, 1220 WNNR Hamden CT | July, 1987

  1. Bob Gilmore made WINNERADIO sound great! Steve, did you know I bought this station for assumption of debt and returned it to the air in July, 1986 after it had been silent for nearly a year? So many stories about how we fixed up and re-equipped the station, I could fill a book.

    Fun fact: when WNNR received its 323 watt nighttime authority from the FCC when the Mexican Clear Channel Agreement was signed on July 28, 1986, a few days earlier than expected and only a few weeks into the station’s operation, I called my hero Bob Gilmore, who came in and worked a NINE hour shift to keep the station on until morning – live, picking 2½ minute songs from the card file playlist and juggling carts all night!

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