Bob Hopa, 101.1 WHOT-FM Youngstown | August 5, 1987


You can win SUPER CASH from Hot-FM-101! Or, Stick It and Win! Lots of contesting, as was the norm at so many CHR stations by the end of the 1980s. Bob Hopa is in the air chair for this tightly scoped three-minute glimpse of WHOT. This is very short, and there’s not much to write about, so just listen, and post your comments below!

Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts!

101.1 Youngstown WHOT Hot-FM-101

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3 Replies to “Bob Hopa, 101.1 WHOT-FM Youngstown | August 5, 1987”

  1. Steve Bleecker

    Bob Hopa…not only Occupies an “air chair”…we ALL did that ! So…I’ll “write” some MORE “not much more” ! Upon real “Examination”…It sounds to me that Bob Hopa is SO “READY FOR PRIMETIME”…at least in Cleveland, and quite possibly BEYOND ! Very “Together” and Streamlined Bob is here , “Bigtime”! There !

  2. Gary Kerns

    At 0:48, Bob Hopa mentioned the upcoming baseball games. I guess Youngstown always has been about evenly divided by Pirates and Indians fans.

  3. Jagger

    Hello Steve! Love the website and especially love hearing my hometown and first radio station featured on here! I got my start at WHOT back in the 90’s and I love hearing Bob Popa (not Hopa) BTW. Thanks for posting his aircheck!!

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