Sebastian Morning Show, 106.9 WCCC “The Rock” Hartford | July 23, 2007

Sebastion on WCCC Hartford…”Good morning, what’s your addiction?”

We profile this Hartford CT morning show now, where the main topic is prescription drug addiction. The topic starter is steroid use in sports but moves on. Also, Harry Potter, and more.

It’s the only morning show featuring FAMILY VALUES (chuckle)… 106.9 WCCC – The Rock!

Aircheck by Steve West

106.9 WCCC Hartford - The Rock


  1. Devin de Gruyl

    Surprised to see Sebastian’s still around… hasn’t he been fired from just about every station in CT?

    Never been a huge fan – I’ll take Craig & Company any day over this guy – but I gotta give him credit for perseverance. I don’t mean this in a negative way, but he’s like a cockroach… you just can’t kill him, he keeps coming back!

  2. L.ou B.

    There was a time some yrs ago, SeBat was at another spot in Htfd., he was rumored to be going syndicated. Funny note. I still have an aticle from the Courant where he was ragging on Picoli big time. I guess they’ve wet kissed and made up. I know it’s Sno-Biz, but it’s funny as hell. Maybe I’ll post it on the net.

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