Bob Shannon, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | August, 1990

WCBS FM 101 New York
Bob Shannon WCBS-FM RadioMaxMusic
Bob Shannon, WCBS-FM, RadioMaxMusic

The late Bob Shannon (Don Bombard) is featured here in another never-posted anywhere before aircheck from PM drive, sometime in August, 1990. Phil Pepe has his picks for this week’s Yankees and Mets players of the week (so, we know it’s not March, as the recording was labelled), and there are other clues as to the date. Listen to the full newscast which remains intact in this recording to get an idea what was happening on this date.

Bob Shannon was always one of my favorites. It’s worth mentioning that Bob and I worked at a certain internet radio station during the ill-fated “Jack-FM” format at CBS-FM, and shortly after he helped re-launch CBS as a Classic Hits station. Bob was one of the nicest guys to talk with, and I’m told, to know in person. He spent much of his career in New York City, at CBS-FM and before that, at 97.1 WYNY. He also had a show on 92.1 WLNG out on the east end of Long Island, as well as RadioMaxMusic online, where he did a countdown show, and his “Behind The Hits” feature.

Our heroes seem to be passing before our eyes. Also gone this weekend as of this posting, Al Rosenberg, who worked at WNBC – first, as a producer for Imus in the Morning, then as part of Howard Stern‘s program, and Dick Biondi, one of the first DJs on 89 WLS Chicago, who was active in radio until just recently… died July 1, 2023 at the age of 90. Airchexx will be featuring the talents of both, coming soon.


Aircheck courtesy of Contributor STEVEN GREEN.


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