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Bob Shannon with Freddie “Boom Boom” Cannon, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | February 4, 1995

From a cassette tape played with Dolby II (R) Noise Reduction ON (by mistake, I had intended to play back without NR as usual because I reduce noise digitally to keep the audio range as[…]

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Bob Shannon, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | October 17, 2011

Just a short recording of Shannon’s Afternoon Drive program

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Bob Shannon, Steve West, RadioMaxMusic Internet Radio | April 9, 2006

Date of Recording: 04.09.2006 Station: RadioMaxMusic.com Internet Radio (Flemington, New Jersey) Featured Air Personalities: Bob Shannon (Don Bombard) // WAER-FM, WNDR, WOLF, WKTQ, WYNY, WOR-TV, WCBS-FM, WLNG, RadioMaxMusic, Steve West (Steve Sawyer) WCAT, WFGL, WFMP,[…]

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101.1 WCBS-FM Returns from Jack | July 12, 2007

When Dan Mason returned as President of CBS Radio in the Spring of 2007, the first thing he did was make it clear that many of the blunders of the past few years needed to[…]

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