Bob Wheeler, 1370 WFEA Manchester NH | August 9, 1982

1370 Manchester WFEA
WFEA Manchester "QSL" Card. Courtesy of Man From Mars Productions

1370 WFEA Manchester Tower
WFEA Tower. Courtesy of Man From Mars Productions

WFEA was a pioneering Top 40/CHR station in Manchester NH right up through the mid 1980s. This is Bob Wheeler, and it’s apparently the evening show, based upon his banter about 3 breaks in.

Bob Wheeler might not be the most exciting jock we’ve ever heard, but he is quite capable and hits the post every time! (As if that even matters in 2019!). Whatever excitement Bob Wheeler lacks, however, is made up for by WFEA’s exciting format! This is one of the best AM stations from 1982 that I’ve ever heard! Consider that WRKO had already flipped to Talk. And, as an interesting side note, Charlie Van Dyke voices the WFEA Legal ID at the top of the hour. You know Charlie Van Dyke… KHJ, WLS and former morning man at WRKO. Pipes deeper than God! Yes. That Charlie Van Dyke!

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Aircheck from:
Contributor Daniel Coulombe
Man From Mars Productions

Logo and Antenna photo by Man From Mars Productions
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