Boston FM Composite: 1983


Here’s a quarter hour worth listening to. Starting with the great Joe Martelle, on the old 98.5 WROR, this goes back and forth between WROR and 103.3 WEEI-FM. Just two years before this was recorded, WROR had just morphed into a soft, personality AC from its days of automated Oldies. The fun part of this is listening to how much WROR tried to sound like WABC – they have Jam jingles (WABC cuts!) and even call themselves MUSICRADIO WROR! It was, in my opinon, the best that WROR ever sounded during its short-lived venture into the world of CHR. The WROR portion includes a healthy dose of Mike Waite (WPRO-FM) doing HIS thing!

You’ll hear Dale Dorman on WXKS-FM… briefly.

Also included, 103.3 WEEI-FM, before the station changed call letters to WHTT… a VERY rare aircheck, since the time the station spent as a CHR WEEI-FM after moving out of the Soft Rock era was short before the new call letters came along.

Eric Jenning for Dick Gunton and Doug Alling are all heard on the WEEI-FM portion.

And THEN…. at around the 10 minute mark, a WHTT jingle. Talk about a jumbled mess! But its great to hear!

Now… enjoy the re-mastered Boston FM Composite, from a great time in Boston radio!

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  1. Jim

    I like how this started in February and ended in May. You could hear ROR’s gradual transition to a more current playlist. For those wondering, the jock we heard on most of the second half was named Tyler and worked at several stations in Boston and providence during the mid 80’s. My mom was a big fan of ROR’s previous AC/Gold/personality format and some of the new tunes alienated her and other long time loyal listeners. In the fall of that year, they morphed back into upbeat AC/gold replacing Mike Wait with Sean Casey in afternoons. Joe Cortez and Bill Sylva would eventually round out there line up. Just like with WEEI/WHTT in ’83, CBS would beat ROR to the punch again around 1987 with “oldies 103”. At the time, ROR was on the verge of ditching the 80’s and going all oldies themselves. The arival of “oldies 103” forced ROR toward modern AC which ultimatley lead to the rebranding as “mix 98.5”.

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