September 21, 2021

4 thoughts on “Boston FM Composite: 1983

  1. I like how this started in February and ended in May. You could hear ROR’s gradual transition to a more current playlist. For those wondering, the jock we heard on most of the second half was named Tyler and worked at several stations in Boston and providence during the mid 80’s. My mom was a big fan of ROR’s previous AC/Gold/personality format and some of the new tunes alienated her and other long time loyal listeners. In the fall of that year, they morphed back into upbeat AC/gold replacing Mike Wait with Sean Casey in afternoons. Joe Cortez and Bill Sylva would eventually round out there line up. Just like with WEEI/WHTT in ’83, CBS would beat ROR to the punch again around 1987 with “oldies 103”. At the time, ROR was on the verge of ditching the 80’s and going all oldies themselves. The arival of “oldies 103” forced ROR toward modern AC which ultimatley lead to the rebranding as “mix 98.5”.

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