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Eric Cheney, 94.5 WZOU Boston | February, 1985

Eric Chaney WZOU Boston First posted several years ago and now restored, this very short clip of Eric Chaney on the old WZOU brought back lots of memories! This is a mid-Winter aircheck from the month of February. While its short, listen to the elements in this authentic, high energy CHR format! Courtesy of U.K. Contributor Neal Bowden This is “Boston Zoo”, 94.5 WZOU Boston and you’ll love the old Top Hour jingle with the live spoken ID – now THAT’s the way radio is supposed to sound! This moves along really fast, and perhaps that’s what’s good about these scoped gems… you get a feel for the station, then before you know it, it’s over. The curator lived within earshot of this great station and we sure miss it, and the CHR war that ran f...

QuickChexx: Uncle Johnny on WZOU & Doug Alling on WHTT Boston | 1985

This is mostly some scoped Z-94 WZOU, but with one WHTT (Boston) break at the end. Incidently, both call letters are gone from the Boston market. At last report, WZOU was in use in NH on some AM station, and WHTT is in use in Buffalo on an Oldies station.

QuickCheck: Artie “the One Man Party, 94.5 WZOU Boston | May 1992

The date on this aircheck is unkown (we suspect ’91 or so), but Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks dug it up special for us… Sunny Joe White was what this was labelled but … hey, we don’t hear him, except perhaps a cameo in the beginning. Lots of high energy packed into about 4 minutes.

J. Michael Fox & Tom Jeffries on 94.5 WZOU Boston | August 13, 1986

For the fans, this is VINTAGE Z-94! Across town, CBS had just thrown in the towel on Hitradio 103 WHTT, moving it to AAA right around the time of this aircheck. As you’ve read elsewhere on this site, WZOU nearly went back to rock, but gave CHR new life when their crosstown rival cashed out. Here’s two capable jocks with all the great formatics the 80s version of this station was known for. Compare this to our 1991 aircheck and see how far the station had fallen by that time.

QuickCheck: 94.5 WZOU Boston | August 23, 1991

It was the waning days of CHR at 94.5. WZOU would eventually morph into Urban WJMN “Jammin’ 94.5, which is still on the air today. Very music intensive, much less talk and personality oriented than it used to be, you can tell that this station is in it’s final days. While she doesn’t say her name once in this 45 minute original (it’s scoped here, of course), it sounds like Julie Deveraux. Perhaps someone knows exactly. You’ll enjoy the jingles, used fairly regularly each hour, and the imaging voice of the great Ernie Anderson. Even toward the end, WZOU still sounded great!

QuickChexx: Dan Justin, 94.5 WZOU Boston | June, 1989

Dan Justin is another Boston personality known for his air work in the 1980s. Perhaps best known at the old 93.7 WCGY Lawrence, he was also heard on 92.9 WBOS in its Country incarnation in the mid-80s. Here he is on WZOU at the tail end of its existence as a CHR station. It’s a very hot station at this point, while the radio landscape changed all around it. Former competitor WHTT was already WODS “Oldies 103”. WROR 98.5 was going over to “Mix” as WBMX and that left WXKS-FM “Kiss 108” as the last (and eventual winner) of Boston’s CHR war. WZOU was at a fever pitch trying to hang on. But notice that both slogans used in the 80s to identify this station are gone. Now its just 94.5 WZOU. They had previously been calling it Z-94 and The Boston Zoo...

Harry Nelson, 94.5 WZOU Boston | March 7, 1987

The all-new Z94 was really hot at this point, although not exactly ‘new’. WZOU came along in late 1984 from the ashes of Album Rocker turned Soft-AC WCOZ, and called itself 94-5 “The Zoo”. Z94 was a re-branding to help better compete with crosstown CHR’s WHTT HitRadio 103 and WXKS-FM “Kiss 108”. Inevitably, it didn’t work and Z94 would eventually go Urban as WJMN – “Jammin’ 94-5”, the station remains to this day. Two points about this aircheck. First, its TIGHT… all the elemets fit perfectly and precisely, and second, this is Harry Nelson, who was so prominent at WRKO in it’s Top 40 days, and a legend in California at KFRC and so many other stations in places like Portland, Maine, etc. Nelson sounds fantast...

Boston FM Composite: 1983

Here’s a quarter hour worth listening to. Starting with the great Joe Martelle, on the old 98.5 WROR, this goes back and forth between WROR and 103.3 WEEI-FM. Just two years before this was recorded, WROR had just morphed into a soft, personality AC from its days of automated Oldies. The fun part of this is listening to how much WROR tried to sound like WABC – they have Jam jingles (WABC cuts!) and even call themselves MUSICRADIO WROR! It was, in my opinon, the best that WROR ever sounded during its short-lived venture into the world of CHR. The WROR portion includes a healthy dose of Mike Waite (WPRO-FM) doing HIS thing! You’ll hear Dale Dorman on WXKS-FM… briefly. Also included, 103.3 WEEI-FM, before the station changed call letters to WHTT… a VERY rare airc...

Brian Pierce, 194.5 WZOU Boston | 1987

It almost went back to Rock. WZOU was at a crossroads in ’86, that is, until CBS’ HitRadio 103 WHTT threw in the towel and flipped, first to AAA as ‘Quality Rock’ WMRQ, then to the long standing and current Oldies 103 WODS. So, it was that by 1987, WZOU was in full CHR glory, with it’s only competition being WXKS ‘Kiss 108’. Brian Pierce sent in this aircheck of his show during this period, and honestly we wish it were longer. At 2:43 in length, this must be his demo tape. This, gang, is GREAT CHR from the heyday of FM Top 40!

Alan Kabel, 94.5 WZOU Boston | Undated

Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts. From “East Coast Airchecks” ™ volume #89, here’s one of the hottest night jocks we’ve ever heard! Alan Kabel (sounds like “Kibble” on the air) is a screamer, and WZOU is hotter than a firecracker in a two-way CHR war with crosstown WXKS-FM “Kiss 108”. We’re guessing that this was recorded sometime in 1991, based upon Boys to Men airplay. Going through the archives we found this tape – and remembered that we apparently overlooked this ‘check of WZOU. This station was probably the best CHR that Boston ever had. A station that consolodation destroyed.

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