850 WHDH

New England Radio Composite | April 1980

Curator’s Notes: This composite is a collection of various airchecks of stations in the 6 state New England region.  One of the real joys for a radio listener up there is, There are a lot of medium market stations, all within earshot of the major cities of Boston, Hartford,  Providence, and, while not technically in New England, Albany NY. If you liked radio in the Northeast, or lived anywhere in the central part of Massachusetts where atmospheric conditions varied so much that one could catch stations from all over New England, this will be a real treat for you!   Please consider a generous donation to this website for site support. You won’t find many things available for free on the web these days, so take the time to support your favorite website! Use the Donate button below...

New England Sampler #3: Radio 85 WHDH Boston | April 1, 1980

Date of Recording: 04.01.1980 Station: 850 WHDH Boston Format: Full Service Adult Contemporary (Dayparted: News/Talk all night) Featured Air Personalities: Sean Casey, others Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Post Date: 12.3.2017 Total Time: 6:23 Airchexx Entry: 1,529 …This oughtta be the first day of Spring! Curator’s Notes: This is from an interesting time, of which I’d call more of a time of transition for WHDH. Transition because at this point in time, WHDH was becoming a more contemporary radio station than it had been for a long time. Through the 60s and 70s, WHDH played a much more ‘Middle of the Road’ blend of music, much softer and non-Rock based than it’s competition. For decades, the station’s main competitor was crosstown WBZ. In fact, w...

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