Loren Owens on KIMN “Denver 95” | April 2, 1979

950 Denver KIMN Loren Owens Denver 95

Aircheck Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks - Thanks!Here’s the longtime host of the current “Loren and Wally” morning show in Boston, at his prior gig in Denver. Owens has this really dry sense of humor that is evident in parts of this aircheck showcasing his morning show on KIMN.

Morning shows were quite different back in ’79, just one guy doing a show filled with time & weather checks, full newscasts, traffic, etc… but not the Hollywood updates and other senseless babble that fills shows today. Owens really shines as a jock doing a morning gig here, and the same style is evident currently at 105.7 WROR Boston – only he adds a lot more comedy into the routine today. This is fun listening – at 19 minutes you really get a feel for KIMN and life in Denver!

KIMN Radio 95 Denver


  1. Steve:

    Nice aircheck – Loren has always been smooth, personable, and entertaining, but this is just a pale hint of what was to come once he got to Boston and teamed up with Wally Brine. I worked in sales at WVBF from 1979 to 1992, so I had a front row seat as the morning show developed into the market’s best by far. And with the addition of Tom Doyle, the funniest somehow became better still. Thanks for posting the Denver teaser!

    Pete Stassa

  2. Wanting KIMN Back

    I wish they would bring this station back as a young generation raised on the music of the late 50s and up to the late 70s Genre of music I would appricate seeing this historical callsign back on It’s proper place… I wish someone would petition the Denver radio scene to bring back this favorite…

  3. Mike Elston

    It’s so wonderful to hear this recording of one of the best Top 40 AM rodio stations ever to be heard anywhere in the U.S.! I lived in Longmont, CO for 13 yrs & KIMN was my constant companion at home, at work, & in the car. Just as Radio 77 WABC AM New York went by the wayside due to the proliferation of FM radio stations, the loss of KIMN Radio 95 from the airwaves will always deeply hurt. Lauren Owens is just 1 of the many fantastic on-air personalities featured on KIMN. He along with Steve Kelly, Dan Ryan, Paxton Mills, “Uncle Mike” Mckewen, Mike Butts, Danny Davis & many other KIMN dj’s will always remain un-equalled & will hold a special place in my heart. And of course you can’t mention KIMN without remembering the every morning jabs being thrown at Joe Sobol during his weather report. I agree with the preceeding author. The Denver radio market needs to restore KIMN Radio 95 to it’s esteemed echelon on the radio dial, brodacasting all of our favorites of yesteryear!

  4. KAG505

    The return of the KIMN station identifier will never happen. Stations now seem to be fixated on monikers rather than on station identification. KIMN now is known as MIX100, whatever that means, and the call letters are only mentioned in top of the hour FCC rule station ID’s where someone mumbles through the call letters. The KIMN fame/history/brand has become irrelevant. The 950 frequency is now the home of KWRZ known as cruisin950 playing oldies with some of the personalities who were at KIMN950 during its last days. But it isn’t the same. Paxton Mills has passed away, Danny Davis was in Phoenix at KOY until they junked their music programming and Steve Kelly recently began a talk show at KNUS.

  5. Uh, Loren, they’re not called stewardesses anymore; they’re called flight attendants!

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