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New England Radio Composite | April 1980

Curator’s Notes: This composite is a collection of various airchecks of stations in the 6 state New England region.  One of the real joys for a radio listener up there is, There are a lot of medium market stations, all within earshot of the major cities of Boston, Hartford,  Providence, and, while not technically in New England, Albany NY. If you liked radio in the Northeast, or lived anywhere in the central part of Massachusetts where atmospheric conditions varied so much that one could catch stations from all over New England, this will be a real treat for you!   Please consider a generous donation to this website for site support. You won’t find many things available for free on the web these days, so take the time to support your favorite website! Use the Donate button below...

New England Composite, October-November 1978

Original Comments: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Boston. The year is 1978. You start tuning around the radio dial. You start on the AM band, because that’s where your favorite station has been for many years. You stop for a moment at 680. WRKO is still going strong. They call themselves “New England’s Album Station” at this point in time – a slogan that will take a lot of heat by the jocks at WAAF out in suburbia – Worcester. Not that it matters to the folks at WRKO. This is the morning show and you’re listening to Charlie & Harrigan. Open your eyes. Yes, you were dreaming for a few minutes. This is actually a recording. And, thanks to Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks, you’ve got 45 minutes worth of memories to plow through. Th...

Composite: 94 1/2 WCOZ Boston | 1980

Courtesy of longtime Contributor Robyn Watts, this 7 1/2 minute composite is the first feature on a tape called, “Billboard Radio Competition Winners”. We know this is from the year 1980. The clip opens with a narrative by Program Director John Sebastian. This is the man who took WCOZ to the very hard rock “Kick Ass Rock And Roll” format in 1977. The format flamed out as the 1980s kicked in, leading to the eventual demise of AOR on 94.5 in 1983. The voices heard in this aircheck include morning man Tom Doyle, Cindy Balin and Jeremy Savage, who would go on to do many years of CHR at WKSS Hartford.

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