Lisa Flairhe / Rhino, CKIK Calgary | August 22, 1996

Recorded six years before a noteworthy call letter and format change (CFGQ Q-107 Classic Rock), here’s the Adult Contemporary version of CKIK that was sandwiched in between two Rock formats. A few notables on this 10+ minute scope: Lisa Flairhe(sp) (pronounced Flair-hay) […]

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New Music Showdown/Night Show on CHFM-95.9 “Kiss-FM” Calgary | 1996

Date of Recording: 1996 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: CJFM 95.9 Calgary Format: CHR Featured Air Talent: Unknown Contributor: Anonnymous Original Post Date: 01.25.2010 Repost Date: 11/19/2017 Curator’s Notes: From our Annonymous Donations file (yes, we had a contributor who wished to remain […]

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Glen Slingerland, CFCN “All Hit AM 106” Calgary | February 1985

Not one, but TWO CHR stations on the AM band in the same city? But this is 1985? Yes, but this is also Canada, where hit music is still heard on AM, and man is this good! AM 1060, believe it or […]

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Gary James, 1140 CKXL Calgary | February 1985

While by 1985, most top 40 music in the United States had migrated to FM, with very few exceptions, in Canada, the format survived – even thrived in many markets on AM, thanks in part to the policies of the CTRC, Canada’s […]

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