Paul Robinson, 1380 WLCY St. Petersburg (Tampa) | March, 1967

1380 Tampa WLCY

WLCY Studio from the 60s and 70s.

Swingin’ singin’ platter chatter now, these are the Platters…

Complete with reverb and a generous dose of PAMS jingles, Paul Robinson gets listeners through a weekday morning! This station features all the elements of what’s termed “Full-Service”, local radio. There’s big city traffic reports, of course, but this station airs local civic announcements – even the local school lunch menus!

Note that Paul Robinson isn’t just a flashy WLCY jock, he does the rip and read (actually, well re-written) wire copy news along with the local stories on “Operation Newsbeat”.

There’s so much packed into this aircheck that you simply must just listen for yourself to get the full feel of WLCY 138.
Courtesy of Contributor Bob Jones