Old Gold 1971 Remastered, Part 1 of 4

Going WAY back to the beginning of this website – well, okay, WAY back to the days when the radio industry trade circulated audio specials on vynl, here’s a completely re-mastered copy of one of the very first exhibits we had on […]

Tagged Bob Craig, Bwana Johnny, Don Berns, Henry Brock, KJR
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News & Dusty Rhodes on Real Oldies 1530 WSAI Cincinnati | January 6, 2003

On this very short clip of WSAI, recorded only SIX days into the new Real Oldies format, you get a feel for the retro format of the station. It starts with News & Traffic, then into a Charlie Van Dyke imager, then […]

Tagged 2003, Cincinnati OH, Dusty Rhodes
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