1130 WCAR

The Big Ron O’Brien Files, Part 2: Giant 1130 WCAR Detroit | March 16, 1972

That’s Neil Young, he’s got a Heart of Gold. I would settle for an aorta of silver… The Big Ron O’Brien Files will eventually end up on its own page, due to the sheer number of airchecks available from the estate. Here’s Part Two of the collaboration between Big Apple Airchecks and us featuring the very best of one of America’s legendary radio dj’s! This is also the first aircheck dedicated to the station once known as WCAR. There was also another station, on 1090 in Detroit which also used the WCAR call letters. This one was known, during the early and mid-1970s, as “Giant 1130”, a 50,000 watt Top 40 station which began as a “Good Music” station earlier in the 1960s. It was known as such because the owner was not a fan of R...

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