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Dan Ingram’s First Show – 92.3 WKTU New York | January 14, 1985

…And you’re much better lookin than Chip..   Please donate to You can use this “donate” button from any platform, PC, or Mac, Android or iPhone. Consider supporting this website for all of our hard work.   Curator’s Notes: For his first time on 92 KTU, Dan Ingram appears a little… lost. He’s just not himself, the confident and outrageously funny guy everyone remembered from WABC. Times change. Ingram is just getting used to this warmup for the next radio gig, as 92.3 would change formats about six months after this aircheck, to AOR, and the call letters to the well known (now) WXRK. Oh, I don’t know. You just have to listen for yourself and make your own judgment. Ever notice that jocks who aren’t quite comfortab...

Al Bandiero on WKTU (92-KTU) New York | Sometime 1985

The date which accompanied this particular aircheck says February ’79. Obviously wrong, but this is another great aircheck from your webmaster’s favorite DJ (yea, the guy who inspired me to go into radio in the first place… to think of all the instability I could have avoided… thanks Al!). This is from 1985 – proven by a couple of commercials and the music (someone care to guess the date?). Notable, because later that year the CHR format would go away to make room for WXRK, 92-3 K-Rock. You’ll hear two different Bandiero segments, recorded at different times. Commercials have been left in, and will someone tell us, what was “Go 92 KTU”? Its not terribly long, at just over 9 minutes in length but it is in stereo for you with a good sound syste...

QuickChexx: Dan Ingram, 92.1 WKTU New York | January, 1985

Where does the greatest DJ of all time go when the greatest AM Top 40 of all time drops its format? Why, to the station that caused it’s demise, of course! Granted, the station that finally knocked MusicRadio 77 WABC off it’s Number one perch was a Disco station at the time, but 92-KTU had moved solidly into the mainstream by 1985, and was in the fight of its life to remain in the world of Pop music. No station was going to win that fight with crosstown, three year old WHTZ Z100, and WKTU would end up flipping to Active Rock WXRK. But in 1985, Dan Ingram was at KTU, bringing along the Honored Group of The Day and an acerbic wit that nobody could match – and still can’t! At only three minutes in length, this is more of a teaser. You’ll surely be left wanting mo...

The end of 92 WKTU New York | 1985 Reloaded

The end of 92/KTU… Here’s a recording made shortly before the station that knocked out WABC was tossed to the dustbin of radio history. Yes, the logo says “Disco 92”. KTU wasn’t, not at the time of this aircheck, but it was a hot CHR station with a large audience. Not large enough, unfortunately… Creamed in the ratings by then two year old Z-100 (WHTZ), KTU was destined to rock, so it was that on this date in 1985, the station breathed it’s last before returning as WXRK and it’s destiny with Rock and one Howard Stern.

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