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Kid Corona, 95.5 KOY-FM Phoenix | 1991

Kid Corona on Y95 Phoenix – Description by Jason Meyers (Garrett): (at left) This gem from 1991 features The Original Kid Corona as heard on KOY-FM Phoenix, “Better Music, Y-95” Rick Thomas was PD who a year earlier left XHTZ-FM; Jammin’-Z90 San […]

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KRI loses its Z– The Chucker and Jack Elliot on KRIZ Phoenix | September, 1977

What are we supposed to do with your paycheck while you’re gone? – Give it away!! From deep in the archives of Contributor Daniel Coulombe comes this excellent quality recording of KRIZ in the Fall of 1977. This starts out with “Chucker” […]

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Tommy C, “Arizona Country” 102.5 KNIX Phoenix | December 20, 1996

Date of Recording: 12.20.1996 Station: 102.5 KNIX (KNIX-FM) Phoenix, Arizona, USA Featured Air Personality: Tommy C Format: Contemporary Country Airchexx Entry: 817 Original Comments (05.14.2009) Showcasing what, in your webmaster’s opinion, was the best year for Country radio in terms of both […]

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Clarke Ingram, 104.7 KZZP Phoenix | August, 1986

Date of Recording: 08.xx.1986 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 104.7 KZZP (KIOG/KZZP/KVRY/KZZP-FM) Phoenix, Arizona, USA Format: CHR Featured Air Talent: Clarke Ingram Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 1,456 “We have a LOSER on the Make it or Break it… can we please have […]

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Kid Corona / Jason Garrett Phoenix Composite | 1991-1995

Sent in by Mr. Garrett himself, he and Kid Corona are obviously one in the same, heard here doing CHR and Oldies in one of our rare Phoenix market presentations. Jason writes: Kid Corona first hit the Phoenix nighttime airwaves in 1991 […]

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Kid Corona on KKFR “Power 92” Phoenix | 1993

Description by Contributor The original “Kid Corona” first hit the airwaves in 1989-90 as one of the premiere jocks on Southern California’s new Jammin’ Z-90/San Diego. After winning the nighttime battle against KKLQ-FM; Q-106, Corona was recruited by Edens’ KOY-FM; Y-95/Phoenix for […]

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Nick Summers, “Hit Music 104” KZZP Phoenix | June 11, 1984

Courtesy of the folks at, here’s a short, 3 minute scope of the old “Hit Music 104” KZZP out of Phoenix. It’s called “Kiss-FM” today, but go back with us to the Summer of ’84 when this was a personality-oriented top […]

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