105.1 Providence WPJB

Mike Waite, 105.1 WPJB “JB 105” Providence | March 22, 1979

Here’s a very short clip, too short even for the Top of the Hour ID. WPJB for a time towards the end of its reign as Providence’s Top 40 GIANT, branded itself “Music Power –[…]

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92.3 Providence WPRO-FM

Jimmy Grey & David Simpson, 92.3 WPRO-FM Providence | April 18, 1981

Date of Recording: 04.18.1981 Station: 92.3 WPRO-FM Providence Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personalities: Jimmy Grey, David Simpson Contributor: Bob Gilmore Total Time: 8:58 (Telescoped) Airchexx Entry: 1,538 Oh, there’s always a better song on[…]

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550 Providence Pawtucket WGNG Brad Pierce

Brad Pierce, 550 WGNG Pawtucket (Providence) | 1974

“Nine out of ten prizes have been won in the Win 10 Bin…” This runs just over 5 minutes. But in those 5 minutes, think back to how AM radio sounded like right in the[…]

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