Jimmy Grey & David Simpson, 92.3 WPRO-FM Providence | April 18, 1981

Date of Recording: 04.18.1981 Station: 92.3 WPRO-FM Providence Format: Top 40 Featured Air Personalities: Jimmy Grey, David Simpson Contributor: Bob Gilmore Total Time: 8:58 (Telescoped) Airchexx Entry: 1,538 Oh, there’s always a better song on PRO-FM!… Curator’s Notes: Here’s another I really hated to have to scope down. If there was ever a “golden era” at PRO-FM this would be it! Here’s where the station had been in the format long enough to really blossom into a massive Top 40 station with a huge following. It’s never left the Top 40/CHR arena, although these days it’s just another CHR that sounds like all the other CHR’s in the country. But in 1981? Here’s one that’ll make you go Oh, wow….! Oh… check ou...

Brad Pierce, 550 WGNG Pawtucket (Providence) | 1974

“Nine out of ten prizes have been won in the Win 10 Bin…” This runs just over 5 minutes. But in those 5 minutes, think back to how AM radio sounded like right in the middle of the 70s. AM was still KING. And WGNG is fondly remembered by many as the best hit music station in Providence, pre-dating the reign of FM powerhouse 92.1 WPRO-FM by a few years. Best remembered is probably Brad Pierce. While there were many, Pierce seemed to be the smooth talking favorite. Even once featured in a radio publication called “Programmer’s Digest”. WGNG is right in the middle of a contest called the “Win 10 Bin”. Listeners had to write down each prize as they heard it on WGNG, then be the 13th caller in, and read back the list of prizes from one to 10…...

Mike Waite, 105.1 WPJB “JB 105” Providence | March 1979

Courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks, here’s one you won’t want to miss, if you remember the old JB105! While this is too short to catch the id, WPJB for a time towards the end of its reign as Providence’s Top 40 GIANT, branded itself “Music Power – JB 105!!”. The Top Hour ID was larger than life, and JB 105, while you don’t hear it on this aircheck, had the reverb cranked louder than WABC ever did! Heard on this QuickCheck is Mike Waite, who would go on to new career heights at Boston’s 98.5 WROR in 1983 during it’s very short lived experiment with CHR during that year. We sure wish there was more – but sadly only a bit more than 3 minutes exist of this particular scoped recording. Perhaps… sometime, someone will donate a longer a...

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