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Mike Grohman (Ron O’Brien), WRNC Raleigh | 1974

Please consider a generous donation to this website for site support. You won’t find many things available for free on the web these days, so take the time to support your favorite website! Use the Donate button below Note: This ‘check is of Ron O’Brien, although this is obviously not *BIG* Ron O’Brien from WCFL & WOGL. Interesting name for this jock to take… Contributor Stanley B writes: WRNC Raleigh, NC. Mike Grohman left 1340 WGNI to do Mid-Days at WRNC in 1974. WRNC was of course up against the giant WKIX. KIX had more power and was a legend by that time. Here is a RARE aircheck from the ’74 Top 40 Radio Battle in Raleigh. Mike passed away a few years ago, after leaving radio and moving home to work for Corning Fiber Optics. He is missed! Adverti...

Sample: 96.1 WBBB Raleigh NC | March 24, 2004

Date of Recording: 03.24.2004 Station: 96.1 WBBB (WNAO-FM/WKIX-FM/WYYD/WYLT/WKIX-FM) Raleigh, North Caorlina, USA Format: Active Rock Featured Air Personality: None Contributor: Anonymous Airchexx Entry: 1,497 Comments: From the personality oriented stations of the 1960s to the automated rockers of the last decade, we post the best and worst that radio has to offer. Here we have an active rock station which no longer exists. From 2004, we’re treated to 5:15 of station sweepers and samples of the station’s playlist. And, yes, that’s all there is, because 96 Rock was apparently jockless during the 12-5am time period, if not longer. This may well have been your favorite rock station. Or, it’s yet another example of lifeless jukeboxes which populate the FM frequency fro...

Jeff Roberts, WDCG “G105” Raleigh NC | July 1984

Here’s one that is very typical of mid-80s CHR radio. The hits are classic, the jingles from JAM and the format right on target, in the middle of the format – not too hard, not too soft. Everything about this screams 1984! I found it quite interesting while researching G105 that the station was owned by a newspaper (The Durham Morning Herald and Durham Sun) which never thought the station would be profitable – yet by 1984 was the cash cow of the company. WDCG began it’s Top 40 life in 1981, and it continues today as an Adult CHR station owned by Clear Channel Communications. Its current website can be viewed HERE. Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts.

WWMY Raleigh NC “102.9 Star-FM” | March 24, 2004

A less than memorable QuickCheck of the old “102.9 Star-FM” Classic Hits format is presented here, scoped down from a 90 minute cassette recording. The only historical significance that this radio station holds is the current WKIX call letters. WKIX was a legendary Top 40 station on 850 AM in the 60s & 70s. On this QuickCheck, you’ll hear a lot of ‘Star-FM’ imaging and jingles but not one jock. In fact, while one can’t tell what daypart this was from, it sounds as if this station was set up to be jockless most of the day. * The complete history of WWMY can be found here. Anyone who remembers the short history of “Star-FM” in Raleigh is invited to comment below. * – Description courtesy of Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

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