Lan Roberts & Jimmy Stewart, 1300 KOL Seattle | January 22, 1971

The sounds of Middle-Of-The-Road radio are heard on this recording. Yes, 1300 KOL was a Top 40 station and for a while did compete with KJR “Channel 95”. But surely not the same way. The show host is Lan Roberts but the real star attraction here is famous actor Jimmy Stewart! I don’t know the backstory as to how or why Stewart was on this show, but this is authentic, real radio, as performed live! Not too many records get played in this long scope, but they didn’t need to be. The program is very entertaining on its own. What was played, was very middle of the road stuff, instrumentals… oh, then we get to hear “Watching Scotty Grow”. Okay, there are a few stiffs. But you get the picture. Hard to believe we listened to THIS music in 1971, but after t...

Charlie Brown & Ty Flint, 93.3 KUBE Seattle | February 26, 1988 (corrected)

Please Scroll to the bottom of this post for an important announcement And just when you’ve got the Persian Gulf mastered, we got new stuff out of Panama Curator’s Notes: The first Gulf War is underway and it does make the news and morning show here, in an era when it still was okay to do “hard” news items at CHR stations (compared to today, when they only do “fluff” news items from Hollyweird) I, frankly, can’t describe much of this because I never heard the show before this aircheck but I’ve read that they were a legendary morning team at both KUBE and KJR-FM. Former longtime KJR alumn Norm Gregory has a page dedicated to the two from when they retired in 1997… back when radio personalities worked at a station or in a market long enou...

Bob Case, Afternoon Drive, KUBE Seattle | July 1992

I’m Al Voss. Here in Ventura County, about 45 miles north of L.A., we get a taste of small market and large. I’ve collected quite a few stations over the years. I got your address from (a) friend, and thought you might enjoy a few efforts. So starts the letter included with the first of (we hope) many more contributions from Al Voss. This came in on CD, recorded, scoped down and burned to disc by the contributor himself. This is a scoped hour with PD Bob Case, then the unnamed PM drive jock on KUBE Seattle. Its from July of 1992.

Tracy Mitchell, Burle Baurer – 950 KJR Seattle | December 27, 1975

Date of Recording: December 27, 1975 Station: 950 KJR Seattle, Washington Featured Air Talent: Tracy Mitchell, Merle Bear, Chris Hill (News/Weather) Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1,416 Comments: How did the old KJR on 950 AM sound in the mid-1970s? Here’s a great representation! No jingles, out of news into music cold, dead segues but the jocks were upbeat and so was the music. Like so many stations of this era, sped up records seem to be the norm. Still, it’s an exciting station! Exhibit speed has been adjusted.

Buck Ritchie, KAYO “Country KO” 1150 Seattle | Sometime 1964

From the Aircheck trader’s board at our co-located sister site, comes this super-old and very rare aircheck of Country station KAYO 1150 Seattle. This is a scoped recording, however, very noticable while editing this down from the original, this morning show was very sold out… plus, notice (especially you kids…), this is NOT a ‘more music’ station by any stretch. The jock, Buck Ritchie, is really coming across like a country personality. This could be good or bad, depending upon how one looked at hillbilly-types back in 1964 in Seattle.. but he definitely fit the music and the format here. Noteables: KAYO local Seattle news on the Hour, Mutual news on the hour and half hour, LOTS of local commericals, and not even ONE station jingle. This is d...

Larry Lujack, KJR Seattle | 1966

From a CD donated to us back in our first year online, here’s the late Larry Lujack from before the Windy City ever knew him. This is a very energetic “Uncle Lar”, full of energy and one liners. No wonder WLS was eager to hire him after his time at “Channel 95”. KJR today is all-sports, as many of the original AM Top 40 stations have gone. But for many years, KJR WAS the station to listen to in Seattle!

Composite: 1090 KING Seattle | 1977

Contributor Mike Donovan sent in a package a few years ago that we’re still posting from. Here’s a 5 minute scope of what was evidently a station demo. The file we saved back when we got this included other Seattle-area radio stations which will post on this site shortly. We get to hear three superb jocks here, along with a generous dose of station jingles from TM Century’s “You” package which RKO General made substantial use of at 93/KHJ Los Angeles and 68 WRKO Boston, along with other stations around the U.S. First off, our first recording featuring Rob Conrad. Anyone know him? You’ll hear a couple of breaks, then Dan Foley. He’s another guy I’ve never heard before but he fits right in! The recording ends with Andy Barber, whom we have feat...

Mike Phillips, 1150 KAYO Seattle | March 30, 1962

When we received this group of tapes from Contributor Robyn Watts, we never dreamed of the gems we’d find inside. AM 1150 Seattle was known as “Country KO” for a time… much of the 1960s into the 70s. However, this nearly 5 minute scope of Mike Phillips (KFRC) showcases the EARLY Top 40 format that this station had in the first part of the decade. Notice the old (we think) CRC jingles to start off. Mike Phillips sounds very ‘official’ here, both as a jock, and as the news announcer towards the end of the recording. A one minute newscast, “Worth 60 seconds of your time” catches Phillips at his News-rigidly best. Its very difficult to find anything to criticize here. An early Top 40 format on a well-produced station. Phillips doesn’t miss ...

Composite: KJR Seattle “Channel 95” | 1966-1970

Much of this is original material donated in the Summer of 2002, in our first year on the web. Contributor Rhett Walker was there, and he remembers the fun at KJR fondly. A couple of segments in this have been available elsewhere on the web, other parts haven’t seen the light of day until now. This composite was spliced together by your webmaster from CD tracks made from the original reel tapes. Much of this focuses attention on Norm Gregory’s show. There was a ‘Part 1’ that did NOT make it into this composite because I took it as a separate track and posted it many years ago, because it features Larry Lujack on KJR and I felt it needed to be a separate exhibit. You can listen to that one HERE. You will note the various quality variations as this came from different...

Sgt. Pepper 20th Anniversary Radio Special, KZOK Seattle | May 31, 1987

Classic Rock 102.5 KZOK Seattle aired this Rock Radio special on the 20th Anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. There were many of these kinds of specials produced for AOR and Classic Rock stations in the 80s and 90s. This is very well produced, featuring interviews with members of the band and record manager George Martin. This not only included all the music on the album, but noteworthy songs of importance from the year 1967, along with background information on the emerging culture war and political interest in the music of the day. It’s a history lesson worth listening to, as younger visitors might not understand the influence that the Beatles had in the late 60s, nor the atmosphere in American society from that era. All tast...

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