Jason Garrett on 107.5 KHYT Tucson | 1996

Description by Contributor Jason Garrett… From 1994-1996, the parody show, “70’s Saturday Night with Jason Garrett; Live on the Polyester Radio Network” enjoyed strong ratings success on KVRY-Variety 104.7/Phoenix. In 1996, the station flipped formats back to its heritage KZZP calls. But […]

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Gary Pallent; Jefferson K., 580 KIKX Tucson | June 19, 1967

“…Sound of Music Machine, Great 58 heavyweight!” One has to ask the question. Was it the processing, or did every Kicks 58 jock have deep voices? The three people heard on this aircheck sound like they are in the cellar! The audio […]

Tagged 1967, 580 Tucson, Bob Jones, Gary Pallent, Jefferson K
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John Mack Flanagan, 1330 KHYT Tucson | March 3, 1969

Date of Recording: March 3, 1969 Station: 1330 KHYT Tucson Featured Air Talent: John Mack Flanagan Contributor: Bob Jones Aircheck Entry: 1,410 Comments: The Big 133 K-Hits has that distinct Drake sound! Perhaps much of the station’s success had to do with […]

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