Rhett Walker

Hawk Harrison, WYHY Nashville | 1990

Coming to you via the fabulously enormous Contributor Robyn Watts collection, here’s a selection from “East Coast Airchecks” Tape #32 entitled “Hot Night Jocks”. Hawk Harrison is no Coyote McCloud, but definitely cuts it as a hot night jock on one of the nation’s most notorious CHR stations – made so in no small part thanks to the efforts of televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, who called on ownership to pull the plug on the station and advertisers to stay away. Eventually, to a degree, it worked, as Y107 would change to AAA as “The River”. Today, WRVW The River is one of Nashville’s leading stations, featuring a straight-ahead CHR format. The cast has changed, but the music remains the same. Back to Y-107. Rhet Walker (Gary Burlei...

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