Bob Green

Assorted WKNR Airchecks, 1964-1970 – Part 1

Kinda like a large, refrigerated taurine of tapioca… WKNR’s Bob Green, describing the chance of snow in the Detroit area weather forecast, one cold evening in 1968. Contributor Steven Green sent this to us from his collection in Texas, along with six others included on one CD. Highlights: Listen for commercials that you probably never figured you’d ever hear again, such as Manufacturers Bank, Libby’s Tomato Juice and Zestabs Vitamins. That last one, the female voice announcer says ‘the latest thing (that’s not good for you) is cyclamates”. Now, how ironic is it that some ingredient in vitamins is bad, but apparently, carcinogens like asbestos, cigarette smoke and auto emissions weren’t even on the public radar back in the 1960s. Such is the n...

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