Dave Otto

Dave Otto, KALC “Alice 105-9” Denver, Night Show | June 30, 2006

A radio station with a name – ALICE. Well, surely its a long way from Alice’s Restaurant but Arlo Guthrie would probably like this if he were listening today. Imagine, a live night show on a younger-skewing Adult Contemporary station. Thats what we have here, although one might suspect this is more of an audition for a GOOD sounding talent formerly employed elsewhere in the market. Okay, you listeners of pseudo-Top 40. Is this not pretty much the same fare as available in the same genre in any top 50 market? Well, maybe… perhaps better, if one considers the sound of New York City radio, which we find terribly bland today. Alice is upbeat, has character, and likes to gossip. But we’re STILL amazed at the sheer volume of Kelly Clarkson music in rotation. I mean, come ...

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